High Volume Hiring Solutions


Flexible hiring solutions for large scale recruiting efforts.

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Pierpoint’s Volume Recruitment Model is a Flexible Hiring Solution for Large-Scale Efforts



Our team of recruiting experts can support your high-volume hiring projects, while maintaining objectives of time and headcount along with a cost advantage. Our goal is to align talent with business strategy, empowering workforces to achieve their full potential.


Tailored Recruitment Experience

Pierpoint’s High Volume Recruiting experts deliver recruitment and sourcing strategies to attract top candidates. With our scalable solutions we provide:

  • Team of experts to assure successful hires.
  • All-inclusive tech tools for high-volume hiring.
  • A cost-effective and time-saving process approach.
  • Reporting for recruiting analytics and KPIs.

Our Vision

At Pierpoint International, our mission is to help our clients to reach their recruitment goals with game-changing resources. Accelerating their projects for a significant business impact.

Our custom and scalable solutions blend smart technologies, industry-specific recruiters, and our 2 Million candidate database. We ensure successful hires through the enrollment of pre-screened talent into the funnel.

Pierpoint Creates Cost-Effective Recruitment for Projects at Scale

Pierpoint creates customized pricing by the hour, per position, or per project. We support clients with volume recruitment projects, hiring for a new facility, scaling resources due to new projects, global hiring, project recruitment, and more growth initiatives reaching scalable and effective results.

Pierpoint’s resources can deliver remotely, onsite, or with mixed. Providing the right fit according to business goals and strategies in order to ensure success with all the agents involved. We aim that every hired member of a project meets the right skills, attributes, and capacities required to execute their role at a superior level.

We will create customized pricing by the hour, per position or per project. Pierpoint supports its clients with volume project recruitment solutions… be it managing hiring for a new facility, augmenting resources due to new projects, global hiring, project recruitment, or other growth initiatives.


Cost-Effective Scalable Quick Results We offer end-to-end recruitment models for high-volume roles ranging from 500 to 5000 hires per year. This is not a cookie-cutter approach but instead is always customized to reflect the particulars of your industry, needs and strengths.


Excellent Model Choice for:

  • Call center hiring Project-based recruitment
  • Rapid volume projects
  • Peak or seasonal hiring
  • Customized pricing
  • Non-exempt and exempt positions

Volume Hiring Examples

  • Symantec: 250 Hires in 3 Months
  • Brocade: 90 Sales Reps in 6 Months
  • HP: 150 Finance Roles in 9 Months
  • Sales + Support Center in Brazil for 300 Hires

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