The New Era of


Recruiting: Ebook 2021

Software and High Tech Talent

From reduced headcounts to redefined roles, COVID-19 has drastically reshaped the global talent market. We designed this ebook to aid your recruiting decision-making and improve your overall talent acquisition strategy through data.





What's Included?

1. Today’s Talent Acquisition Landscape
– Executive Summary
– Key Insights

2. Talent Acquisition Data and Analytics
– Measuring Recruiting Through Revenue Productivity and Innovation
– Percentage of Key Jobs Not Filled
– Retention Rate
– Diversity Talent Funnel
– Passthrough Rates
– Source of Hires

3. Virtual Recruiting is Here to Stay
– Casting a Wider Net Without Undercutting Talent
– Amping Up the Trust Factor Invariably Via Technology
– Revising and Re-Prioritizing Relevant Skills
– Additional Use of Technologies
– Use of AI Sourcing Technology for Diversity Recruiting
– Ideas for Networking

4. Diversity and Inclusion
– Promoting Emotional Intelligence Through Diversity
– Understanding Our Own Biases
– Incorporating Diversity Into the Process
– “Un-Covering”: Freeing employees to be themselves

5. Tomorrow
– What Comes Next?
– Conclusion

A Bright Future for the New Era of Recruiting


The events occurring in the year 2020 were dramatic and shocking. We went through intense emotional despair at times, losses of financial security and income, all with a constant feeling of uncertainty. We’ve navigated through the storm and there is optimism and hope ahead. We shifted our thinking and showed our inventiveness by both adapting and adopting new technologies.


Remote work is now fully embraced, technology is our dependable friend, Diversity and Inclusion is a business imperative, and talent acquisition analytics are supporting strategic decision-making, driving businesses forward. There is incredible hope that the future will be bright. Companies have returned to fierce and competitive hiring. Recruiting teams are returning to full capacity, and talent acquisition departments are looking for recruiting solutions that fit their recruiting challenge.


Let’s reimagine the future of work and the future of talent acquisition together.