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Fast Ramp and Scale with High-Volume Hiring RPO Solutions

Get the right talent at volume in the right timeframe to support rapid growth, reach new markets, or meet seasonal demands.

Fast Ramp and Scale with High-Volume Hiring Solutions | Pierpoint

What is High Volume Hiring?

High Volume Hiring means recruiting large numbers of candidates, ranging from the hundreds to the thousands by a given deadline. It is a recruitment strategy used by businesses going through a period of rapid expansion as they explore new markets or geographies, and capitalize on seasonal peaks and market fluctuations. Volume Hiring can involve recruiting lots of people for the same or similar roles, entire departments, or even entire offices.

Meet Your Hourly Recruitment Demands with High Volume Hiring for RPO

Meet Your Hourly Recruitment Demands with High Volume Hiring for RPO

According to Aptitude Research, 65% of companies surveyed said they have high volume hiring demands for gig workers and hourly roles, customer service and call center representatives, healthcare staff, seasonal financial services, data entry specialists and statisticians, and other positions businesses need to scale quickly or that have experienced sudden growth need to fill. A staggering 48% of these organizations say they are having difficulty finding quality hires and when they do, candidate drop-off rates are as high as 43%.

So how can you beat the odds and succeed with volume hiring?  Establishing a partnership with us will ensure you have the people, process, technology, and planning to improve your talent acquisition strategy and provide you with a competitive edge. Pierpoint High Volume RPO can help you:

  • Reduce your time-to-hire

  • Increase candidate applications

  • Improve your quality-of-hire

  • Decrease candidate drop-off rates

  • Lower talent attrition

  • Enhance candidate experience

See How Businesses Achieving Their Talent Acquisition Goals with High-Volume Hiring

Chipotle Consistently Fast Ramps and Scales with High Volume Hiring

Find out how a well-known restaurant chain efficiently manages local recruitment year-round, despite seasonal peaks and market fluctuations.

Univar Cross-Country Office Relocation Succeeds with a Virtual Hiring Solution

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” Pierpoint has a dream team and are essential to Sophos success! They provide quality, hard work, and professionalism. ”

Fernando Calvo
Talent Acquisition Manager at SOPHOS

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Gain a partner with experience designing and delivering successful talent solutions across a wide range of industries and business verticals.

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Deliver in-person, remote, and hybrid support in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

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