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Pick Your Next Leaders with Executive Search Solutions

Your company is unique and selecting strong leaders that will help ensure your teams meet business goals is essential. Pierpoint Executive Search is here to help.

Executive Search | Pick the Right Leaders

How Do Executive Search Firms Work?

Whether you are growing your executive leadership team to support your success and growth or seeking executives to help redefine your strategy in the face of change, executive search firms provide specialized recruitment services to connect you with top talent.

Gain Executive Search Expertise in Your Industry

Gain Executive Search Expertise in Your Industry

When looking for innovative and dynamic leaders to join your organization, you may find that there are a limited number of candidates and they are in high demand. Finding the right people for leadership roles means more than finding the right technical skill or industry experience, you need to locate people who capture the spirit of your company culture, your mission, and your vision.

Our Executive Search solutions get to the heart of your organizational culture and marry it with your long-term business goals to find the right leaders to give your company a competitive advantage.

Recruit the Best Executives with a Winning Strategy

Finding your next leader is both an art and a science.  Our validated executive search strategies allow us to identify, target, and assess a wide range of individuals to pinpoint the few who meet your specific needs today – and in the future.

Talent Mapping

Align your business goals with the personnel required to reach them. Talent mapping evaluates your existing talent gap and identifies high-potential candidates working for your competitors or in similar industries allowing for highly targeted executive recruitment.

Talent Pooling & Pipelining

Your talent pool is developed based on comprehensive talent mapping and research to effectively source both passive and active candidates from your industry and competition. Your custom talent pool and pipelines feed each other to ensure you’re set up for successful hiring today and in the future.

Competitive Intelligence

Find out your key competitors’ talent strategies, organizational structure, size, and scale by geographical location in both active and emerging markets to position your company for long-term success and gain a competitive edge.


Knowledge is power. Compare your executive compensation package against your competitors and best-in-class brands so you can understand how your organization can hire top talent to meet business goals.

Organization Charts

Gain insight into competitors’ organizational structures by location, business vertical, service lines and team. When combined with talent mapping and intelligence services, organization charts help you better understand the talent landscape for efficient forecasting and planning.

Diversity Mapping

Build diverse talent pools that incorporate inherent (e.g. ethnicity, nationality, gender) and acquired (e.g. cultural fluency, sector experience, global experience) elements of diversity. Our diversity-focused research methodologies help ensure the top candidates you want are targeted and identified.

Make Inclusion Easy

There’s growing recognition of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when it comes to executive leadership teams. According to the McKinsey 2020 Diversity Wins report, companies with more diverse executive teams are more likely to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.

We understand the importance of DEI to the success of your business and have established strategies to help you build a diverse, high-performance leadership team.

Grow Together

You want an executive search partner who can grow with you. While your priority right now may be to find the ideal Chief Revenue Officer, in a few months you may find yourself needing to hire a variety of positions at once, or even deciding to completely outsource your recruiting function.

Pierpoint develops custom talent acquisition solutions for permanent and contingent workforces that can scale with your changing needs.

Stay Informed with a Transparent Executive Search Process

Get transparent, data-driven, and branded talent solutions tailored to your needs using industry-leading technology tools and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered machine learning for on-demand management, tracking and communicating feedback, and candidate presentation on a single collaborative platform.

Recent Executive Search Placements

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  • Vice President of Marketing

  • Chief Operating Officer

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Magellan Health Hires 100+ High Quality Healthcare Professionals a Year

See how Magellan Health used Executive Search as part of a Hybrid RPO Solution to deliver favorable patient outcomes throughout their organization.

Magellan Health

” Clear, concise, solid plan, commitment provided. . . perfect! I am so happy to be working with Sabrina on our executive search needs. ”

Jeff Mack
Chief Financial Officer at Potrero Medical

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