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Build Your Contingent Workforce with Tailored Direct Sourcing

Open new direct sourcing channels and realize the untapped potential within your existing ATS, CRM, and referral channels to find the right mix of permanent and contingent talent.

Direct Source Your Talent with Tailored Workforce Solutions

What is Direct Sourcing for Contingent Workforces?

Direct Sourcing – sometimes referred to as “RPO for contingent” – is a workforce solution in which a company uses its own talent pool (e.g., former employees, retirees, and silver medalist applicants from its own ATS) to meet recruiting demand for temporary employment roles at their company.

Often, this relationship is managed through RPO providers with expertise in curating talent pools using best-in-class technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the process. Modern direct sourcing programs use the employer brand in job advertising to ensure successful recruitment and increase employee retention.

Reactivate Your Database and Unlock New Opportunities with Direct Sourcing

Reactivate Your Database and Unlock New Opportunities

From talent shortages to the rise of a new contingent workforce, finding and retaining quality talent has never been more important for helping businesses meet their goals. Many professionals are prioritizing flexibility over stability, opting for project work rather than long-term employment at one company.

According to the CXC Contingent Workforce Global Trends Report, 77% of executives worldwide believe that the freelance and gig workforce will outnumber full-time employees within the next 5 years. To answer this workforce shift and find strong talent, Ardent Partners found that 70% of businesses are making Direct Sourcing and talent pool curation a top priority.

Using Direct Sourcing to supplement your talent acquisition process opens a dedicated sourcing channel to find new quality candidates while nurturing your entire talent pipeline, not just those actively engaging with your current openings. When it comes to crafting and implementing a Direct Sourcing strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Partner with Pierpoint to design a solution that works for your organization today.

” Working together has been a true partnership and when we need to shift focus, Pierpoint reacts and delivers. ”

Kelly Adamkiwezic
Global Head of Talent Acquisition at MariaDB

Extend Your Recruiting Team with Talent Experts in Your Industry

Consumer Goods & Retail Talent Solutions

Consumer Goods & Retail

Help ensure the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow as consumer demands evolve.


 Overcome healthcare talent shortages and match the increasing need for care to deliver favorable patient outcomes.

IT, Technology & Software

Meet the growing demand for top technology talent with recruitment solutions led by experts with technical knowledge.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Get successful life sciences talent solutions guided by teams with scientific expertise and understanding.

Manufacturing & Distribution

 Locate skilled workers to consistently accomplish your tight manufacturing and distribution deadlines.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Adapt to staffing surges, seasonal recruitment, and other hiring challenges to consistently meet your business goals.

Global Locations. Local Expertise.

Deliver in-person, remote, and hybrid support in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

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