Specialty Hiring

Your needs are special.  We treat you that way.

If you have specialty hiring needs, you’ve come to the right place.  Pierpoint offers specialty recruitment programs for Global, Diversity, University and Executive Search.

Global Recruitment:

Not only do we recruit globally we are a diverse GLOBAL company!

We have over 140 seasoned recruiters, sales and leadership teams spread out over the US and globally with resources in Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore and England.

Strategic talent acquisition is one of the most important core functions to ensure the future success of your company. The process on it’s own is a complex one, but what happens when you also have to move into not just new markets, but new countries with new cultures? Cable & Wireless, a 150 year UK company, made a decision to relocate to London to Miami requiring hiring 200 new staff and executives.

We have worked on a global scale supporting clients like Microsoft,Juniper, Motorola, HP, Symantec, Juniper, Astreya, Open Text, Fire eye, Varian and Celanese.

Our flexible product offerings will exceed your management team’s expectations and lower your costs.


We help you source some of the brightest young minds in the business, before they’re in business.

Hiring college grads makes good business sense.  A 2016 global executive survey revealed that nearly two-thirds (63%) of employers said their university hiring programs are “focused on developing the next generation of leaders.”

At Pierpoint, our job is to accurately represent your company when recruiting any potential new employees, including recent graduates.

We offer full or partial management of your college recruitment efforts, identifying ideal candidate profiles and engaging students and schools with on-going communication. We provide full tracking for all communications and progress with a customized reporting package established for your specific program. Our unique methodology ensures the highest levels of student and school engagement and targeted recruitment for your specific needs.
Our eight point recruiting methodology includes:
  1. Research appropriate schools
  2. Act as your brand ambassador
  3. Establish school contacts & relationships
  4. Build relationships with students
  5. Build opportunity stories
  6. Provide customized, branded materials
  7. Manage campus events
  8. Participate on-site in campus events & coordinate business leader participation


Pierpoint doesn’t just understand diversity….we live and breathe diversity.

  • We have developed a strong level of expertise in diversity sourcing
  • We have dedicated diversity recruiters, whose primary task is increasing diversity
  • 80% of US candidate pipeline slates are diverse

Diversity is Part of Pierpoint’s Organizational Model

  • Our organization is diverse by nature, starting with our executive leadership
  • Our highly experienced management team has both strong Hispanic and female representation
  • More than 40% of our overall staff is female and minority

Pierpoint leverages the latest methodologies and techniques to build diversity, including:

  • Strategy: benchmark current performance and future goals
  • Intake Call: setting project expectations and designing strategy
  • Posting on diversity boards and specialized sites
  • Mining specialty resume databases
  • Employing advanced Boolean internet search techniques
  • Mining and participating in professional and diverse networks
  • Monitoring and participating in viral networks and news groups
  • Combing informational online databases
  • Monitoring sources of employment intelligence for deep demographic intelligence within specific markets
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Overall Project Reporting: SLA’s & KPI’s and future objectives

Executive and Confidential Search:

Higher visibility or confidential searches do not need to translate into higher recruitment fees. Executive and Confidential searches take a more targeted approach. Pierpoint’s first line offense is a beautifully written job description that engages even the most passive candidates. Our seasoned recruiters know how to research, direct source and talk to high level professionals and foster a smooth transition from screening process to your hiring team. It’s important to know when it makes the most sense to outsource an integral role (confidential or not). Every search is important and no one search is more difficult than another. Our Container model with fees averaging 8-10% of base salary with a 90 day guarantee and 1 year warranty option is unbeatable and will ensure a perfect hire.

Case Study

T Cable & Wireless, a 150 year UK company, made a decision to relocate to London to Miami requiring hiring 200 new staff and executives. Pierpoint successfully delivered the hires on time and within budget.