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We find you the best talent and forward the contact data of pre-screened, interested candidates to your recruiters and/or hiring managers. In stark contrast to costly agency models, these are your candidates, not ours.



Our footprint of 120 successful engagements demonstrates increased hiring manager satisfaction, improved employee retention and reduced cost-per-hire.


Custom Reporting and Metrics

We use the best recruitment tools from all boards, LinkedIn, Social Media and targeted cold-calling lists to find you the best candidates.  Our Sourcing Services are provided by recruiters with over 8 years average experience.

Pierpoint services can work with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) / Human Resources Management System or provide ATS / HRMS and compliance as part of the services.

Tailored Services Can Include:

  • Job Boards Resume Search
  • Resume Data Mining
  • Passive Candidate Recruiting
  • Candidate Research and Intelligence
  • Internet Research / Name Generation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Custom Reporting and Metrics
  • Resume Review
  • Targeting competitors
  • Cold Calling
  • Structured Phone Screen Interview
  • Submission of 5-10 (or more) candidates
  • Candidate Scheduling

Case Studies




motorola 4 Years Hybrid RPO, Engineering Americas & Europe
symantec 9 Years Sourcing, Sales & Engineering Americas & Europe
netapp 2 Years Sourcing, Engineering North America
microsoft 5 Years Hybrid RPO, Engineering Latin America
juniper 2 Years Hybrid RPO + VSP, Engineering & Sales Americas
red-bull 2 Years Sourcing, Sales & Marketing U.S. Universities

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