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Pay Rolling and Contingent Workforce Solutions


Pay Rolling and Contingent Workforce Solutions




Our Managed Services Solutions allow you to customize how you hire and when you hire. We can provide and manage your workforce. We focus strongly on IT, Engineers, TA, Recruiters, Sourcers & Coordinators. We do include Program Managers, HR Managers when needed.




We offer a blended (full time, part time, contingent, project based) workforce solution

This approach encompasses recruitment, payrolling as well as management of contingent workforce suppliers, service providers, and free agent contractors across disciplines. Pierpoint will manage under one process that provides significant benefits from better visibility into workforce supply and demand, to lower compliance risk and cost control, to improved talent quality.

Why Blended Workforce Solutions?

  • Speed: aid in the recruitment process of experienced talent and/or payroll to shorten admin onboarding processes
  • Efficiency: effective process for temporary talent and/or project hiring due to seasonal demands etc., alleviating burden on internal HR team
  • Cost: lower cost offering that can be applied to just one employee without long term commitments or other hidden fees
  • Scalability: provide the ability to recruit and manage both small and large projects, end to end including payrolling
  • Managed Team: one centralized point of contact and control of talent operations, standardized policies, reporting and recruitment metrics
  • Reduced Risk: manage liability and length of stay concerns across all job familes

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