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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Ideal recruiting solution for teams with minimal recruiting infrastructure, orgs experiencing significant bursts in hiring, and those needing to maximize their operational spend. Explosive growth often happens without the internal recruiting infrastructure to support it.

We’ve created our RPO solution to provide the people, process, systems, and expertise to ensure our clients’ hiring needs are met – and business goals achieved. Our size allows us to obtain the best recruiting tools and resources at better terms, passing these operational advantages to you.

Project Recruitment

When there are unexpected bursts in staffing needs, our Project Recruitment Solutions can address the critical volume hiring to get your project and maximize your company’s revenues. Within a few days, we are up and running to staff for these urgent and project based events. We resource our workforce on your revenue and strategic objectives. Our Project Recruitment Solution may solve challenges for an unexpected merger or acquisition event, office relocation, geographical expansion, new product upgrade, capacity gap, or capability gap.

Our Project Recruitment Solution is the fastest, easiest, scalable way to address temporary spikes in hiring. Whether you need to hire 5 or 500 hourly skilled associates, professionals, or managers for sales and marketing, research associates, healthcare workers, or an IT team, we can respond to your specific challenge and timeline.

Contingent Workforce Management

Our Contingent Workforce Management Solution is a strategic and risk mitigation staffing strategy when employing temporary or fixed term specialized, skilled workforce.  There are significant costs and risks to having independent contractors, on-call workers, freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers hired directly as 1099, W-2, or W8 to your company.  We can manage your entire contingent workforce as their employer of record which includes payroll, benefits, taxes, performance management, HR support, and compliance risks.  Under our program, your contingent resources are highly engaged, and retained to complete their assignments.

In addition, our client success managers are able conduct the recruiting for any contingent positions your company may need, to ensure a seamless experience.  Our integrated Employer of Record solution is available for the US and most of Latin American countries.

Executive Search

Our talent mapping and research experts can provide industry intelligence and competitive analysis to identify and attract mission-critical external leadership talent, confidentially and discretely. We focus on leaders with business, technical, and people leadership acumen that are aligned passionately with your company’s culture and mission.


As a premier-technology, global recruitment provider to the world’s aspiring tech companies for the past two decades, we have extensive technical and management resources in technology hubs in the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac. With our reach, we can quickly identify Technical Consultants, Engineers, and Management talent to ensure they quickly execute on your strategic needs. 

As part of a strategic goal, or tapping into additional expertise, access the high tech workforce skilled in Machine Learning, IoT, Software Development, Cloud Engineering, Saas, Technical Consulting, and Management Consultants to accelerate your company’s go-to-market strategy.

Employee Referral App

Employee Referrals are the best source of hires for all companies.  No one can tell the story of your company better than your own employees.    Our Employee Referral Application is a fun, engaging iOS and Android app that employees can easily use to solicit and refer professionals from their Linkedin and social media networks to interview with you.

Our Employee Referral App promotes open positions with rewards and contests, that is both easy to use for both employee and employer.  The Employee Referral App reduces a significant administrative burden on the HR team, with full transparency to the recruiter, the referring employee, and the potential candidate.

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