Medical Devices Industry Employment Report

The medical devices industry is highly specialized and employs a unique labor force.  Of the more than 600,000 prospects in the United States, this research identifies the top markets, top employers, and the average tenure of the workforce.  We explore key universities, most likely degrees and the percentage of the workforce holding advanced degrees.  Considering a candidate with a bachelor’s degree and 5-years of experience for a research position?  We can tell you how his/her credentials stack-up to the industry.  Did your candidate work at one of the major medical device companies previously?  We have a list of the top employers as well.

This and more is available in our 2019-2020 U.S. Medical Devices Industry Employment Report where our researchers and industry experts evaluated data from almost 1 million candidates.

You will learn:

  • Locations in the US to source qualified medical devices industry talent

  • Top employers and job functions

  • Best universities and fields of study for medical device industry professionals

  • Levels of education distribution in the medical devices industry

  • Average years of experience within the industry overall

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