Redefine your workforce with Recruitment Resource Outsourcing

Recruitment Resource Outsourcing (“RRO”) is an evolutionary program blending long-term RPO strategies with the ability to source and fill talent in the present. With an RRO model, a team of seasoned recruiting experts tackles your workforce needs on day one of the relationship, finding talent and filling positions immediately, while at the same time, exploring and planning for a recruiting strategy to sustain the future.

Recruitment Resource Outsourcing program benefits

RPO implementation can take anywhere from 6-9 months to roll-out which includes establishing strategy buy-in, defining administrative procedures, securing and launching necessary technology, and finally executing the plan – all before some of the first positions are even filled.

  • Fast: With RRO, the ramp-up time is significantly reduced; talent is identified and retained, and onboarding begins an average of 3-6 months sooner than with traditional RPO platforms.
  • Skilled: Ready-now recruiters have an average of 12+ years of experience, particularly in the high-tech, healthcare, and med-tech sectors, which boast some of the more tough-to-fill, specialized roles where knowledge workers are in highest demand.
  • Efficient: Pierpoint averages 14-20 days to identify the winning candidate with interviews taking place.
  • Effective: The RRO team fills complex roles within 30-45 days compared to an industry average of 60 days.

Recruitment Resource Outsourcing model offers choices

In an industry where the provider-client relationship tenure is approximately 2 years, Pierpoint’s customer retention rate is 94% with most relationships spanning 10 or more years. Our RRO business model is a welcome innovation to our service offering, allowing clients to avoid lengthy implementation, added costs, and complex provider contracts found with other recruitment outsourcing models.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Implement

A Recruitment Resource Outsourcing model can reduce program implementation time by 3-6 months and offers a robust talent pipeline on day one.

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