Manufacturing Recruitment


Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices and More

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Recruitment for the Manufacturing Industry

Our manufacturing recruiting team has successfully found talent throughout the manufacturing world, from chemical, automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical device, consumer goods, food and beverage and technology manufacturing, we know the skillsets needed to make your business successful.



Our Clients

We’ve assisted talent acquisition teams for Lutron, Raytheon, Univar Solutions, Celanese, Hitachi Data Systems, Mark Anthony Brewers and many more, averaging 1,500 manufacturing roles filled annually.

Areas of Specialty

  • Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Operations & Medical Affairs
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Research & Development
  • Software, Cloud, and Electro-Mechanical
  • Marketing & Sales
  • IT, Finance, and G&A

Global, On-Demand, Technology-Driven RPO Solutions

At Pierpoint, we combine our networking depth in Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Food & Beverages (and more) talent, to onboard talent for our clients going through a significant hiring ramp.  Our agile and flexible approach means that we can quickly start immediately after the intake call and focus on your priorities — identifying top talent to execute on your product development, clinical study, quality milestones, or new commercial strategy.

Key Benefits of Working With Pierpoint International

After an initial assessment of your needs, we develop a customized, all-inclusive recruiting solution,  that addresses your talent acquisition gaps.  A well supported Talent Acquisition Team you lead, working collaboratively with the expertise and outreach we provide will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage over the war for talent.

  • Reduced Ramp Up Time
  • Scalable & Flexible Cost
  • Effectiveness and Transparency
  • No Implementation or Buyout Fee
  • All-Inclusive, Simple Contract Terms
  • US, LATAM,  EMEA, and APAC Talent Coverage
  • Reduced Time-to-Fill and Robust Pipeline
  • Increased Talent Engagement & Offer Acceptance

Case Study:

 New Born Company of Spirit Drinks in the United States 

This is a brand new company with no employment history but good brand marketing. On top of the standard hiring constraints, the company had to begin hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company had no hiring strategy nor process and it all had to be done from the beginning. The type of talent that they were looking for was very diverse and the company was looking for seasoned employees. 




  • 90 hires in 2 months 
  • Full recruiting cycle
  • 4 recruiters working on the assignment
  • Hiring in 2 states
  • Hiring during COVID-19
  • Building company’s hiring strategy
  •  4 different positions


  • Market best practices regarding position lead to a very solid job description, benefit listing and comp strategy. 
  • By understanding the requirements we created the necessary job openings and no more.
  • Reached the company’s hiring goal and we are launching a new hiring campaign for other positions. 
  • Client started relying on metrics and numbers on their daily operations. 
  • Workplace was harmonized by filling all the necessary gaps that the client couldn’t identify.
  • Enhanced candidate experience.