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Enjoy White Glove Service for Your Restaurants & Hospitality Hiring

Cater to your customers’ needs all year round with exceptional front and back-of-house staff through an effective talent acquisition strategy led by industry experts.

Enjoy White Glove Service for Your Restaurants & Hospitality Hiring
Create A Simple & Effective Talent Acquisition Process

Create A Simple & Effective Talent Acquisition Process

The hospitality and restaurant industries are some of the biggest industries in the world and hire millions of staff annually. After decades of growth and increased importance in societies around the world, the hospitality and restaurant industries have been some of the most impacted by the pandemic for talent acquisition.

Post-pandemic, a cultural shift in priorities and attitudes towards work has meant hospitality and restaurant leaders are facing a significantly reduced workforce, high turnover, retention challenges, a limited talent pool, and fierce competition. But customers haven’t lost their taste for travel, tourism, and leisure so hospitality and restaurant leaders need to find solutions to meet their ongoing and seasonal talent needs. Partnering with Pierpoint can help as we can design Talent Solutions that cater to:

  • Solving your turnover and retention challenges
  • Sourcing local talent at volume
  • Creating a sustainable talent pipeline to meet seasonal demand
  • Streamlining your recruitment process via tech applications

Recent Restaurants & Hospitality Placements

  • Housekeeping
  • Operations or Hospitality Manager

  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Cleaner
  • Events Coordinator
  • Personal Trainer
  • General Manager
  • Shift Leader
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Parking Attendant
  • Maitre D’
  • Receptionist
  • Host / Hostess

  • Head Chef
  • Sous Chef

  • Server / Bartender

  • Restaurant Team Member / Crew

  • Analyst, Payroll Systems

  • Restaurant People Experience Analyst

  • Senior Analyst, Protein Procurement

  • Manager, Demand Planning

See How Restaurants & Hospitality Businesses are Achieving Their Hiring Goals

Chipotle Consistently Fast Ramps and Scales for 100-200+ Hires Per Year

Find out how a well-known restaurant chain efficiently manages local recruitment year-round, despite seasonal peaks and market fluctuations.

” Kat is a consummate professional and has the ability to quickly develop great relationships with candidates. She kept me in the loop on a regular basis. Her experience is well-rounded and in-depth. On top of that, she’s a great human being and fun to work with! ”

Imran Shah
Sr. Manager of Data Engineering (D&A) at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Build Your Custom Restaurants & Hospitality Talent Acquisition Solution

Get support for your company’s permanent recruitment processes, planning, platforms, people, and technology on a long-term, on-demand,  or project basis.

Integrate the talent acquisition function for contingent workforces under one delivery team to simplify your direct sourcing needs.

Target, source, and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs to help drive business results.

Transform recruitment processes with strengths and opportunity assessments, training, and advisory services to help HR and Talent Acquisition leaders meet business goals.

Fill 250 or more positions on a consistent basis, during extreme growth, seasonal peaks, or when opening a new location.

Need something a little different? Build a custom program that works for your diverse recruitment needs today and in the future.

Global Locations. Local Expertise.

Deliver in-person, remote, and hybrid support in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

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