Pierpoint offers a variety of hourly service models to fit your needs.

Our Hourly model is a cost effective option that can be applied to every recruitment solution we offer:  End to End (per position), “Rent a Recruiter” Monthly Hourly, Contract Recruitment, Volume and Vendor Services Program solutions.

Monthly Hourly

The Monthly Hourly is our on-demand, partial cycle model, where we deliver a sourced/screened/qualified talent pool.  Clients can choose any combination of sourcing, research, name generation, and competitive mapping.   This is a good choice for clients who need talent pipelining, sourcing support, and/or research but don’t need assistance with end-to-end recruitment.   This model can be applied to current openings or to support a pipeline of potential candidates for future opportunities. Our hourly monthly service can be utilized for multiple positions, and includes tools, technology, branding and marketing.


  • Position branding for each opening
  • Pipeline of candidates
  • You own the research making as many hires as you like

Hourly End-to-End

This model is designed for clients who want us to find their hire in an end-to-end recruiting service but would prefer to pay by the hour. This model is good for clients who are averse to an up-front fee, but would still like Pierpoint to work the full recruitment life-cycle.


  • Position Branding materials for the opening
  • We are responsible for the hire
  • We present a tight funnel of qualified candidates
  • We walk the candidate from open rec to on boarding