You have questions. We have answers.

Choosing a recruitment partner shouldn’t be taken lightly. We know you have questions, and we are happy to answer any you have about working with us.  Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to get you started.

How can you possibly be so cost-effective compared to other organizations?

Pierpoint uses a number of techniques to keep our costs low.  Because most of our offices are virtual, we don’t incur the high costs associated with brick and mortar office space.  We don’t employ a massive management team with high overhead, and we don’t spend a lot on advertising.     We are able to pass these cost savings along to our customers.

How can you provide so many tools and not raise the price?

We buy in volume and have long term relationships with our suppliers. We have been very successful in acquiring licenses and logins with volume discounts and pass those savings onto you.

Do you do mass hiring for non-exempt positions?

We have done that in specific cases and treat it as a case-by-case situation. We have filled approximately 2,000 non-exempt positions per year for one client. In general, most of our Recruiters are very senior. We generally will work on professional grade jobs within High Tech, Health Care/Medical, Financial Services, Education and other industries as well.

Can you work on international requirements?

Yes, we have sourcers and recruiters in Asia, Latin America and Europe. We currently derive a significant percentage of revenues from supporting those continents for our F100 clients.

Can you work on our ATS if given access?

Yes, we are comfortable working within our clients ATS systems, some examples include Taleo, Brass Ring iCims, SuccessFactors, WorkDay etc. We also can provide services within our own ATS, Avature.

Do you require long term contractual agreements?

No, we do not require long term contractual agreements. We are able to provide services for one off positions or sourcing support month to month.

Are you able to satisfy all my needs in case we scale up, or down?

Yes, we are able to either grow or retract with ease in either case.

What makes you unique in a sea of competitors?

Unlike most RPO’s that handle high volume, lower level positions, we do that and more. We have deep and wide domain expertise in High Tech and other hard to fill roles. We specialize in one off roles, professional services, sales, engineering and executive level roles. In most cases, companies look to boutique or executive search firms paying 30% or more per hire. We are a low cost vendor that fills positions on average for 8-11% of base salary with a 90 day guarantee and an unmatched 1 year warranty option.

Can I just get a sourcer or a recruiter from you and not have to go full RPO, thereby losing control, involvement in lengthy RFPs and internally disruptive change management issues?

Absolutely! We actually love for you to just try us out with a small “taste” of either a recruiter or sourcer as this will allow you to get a flavor for our services and measure ROI without much investment or commitment.

Pierpoint is responsive to our client needs in today’s on-demand environment. Get a Quote Today