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Key Talent in High Visibility Roles:

Your Business’ Largest Revenue Impact





Key talent, in high visibility roles, has the largest revenue impact on your business. Our executive search experts and head hunters have serviced a vast array of industries including life sciences, technology, manufacturing, consumer brands, retail, and more. We have been in the recruitment business for nearly two decades, focusing on leaders with business, technical, and people leadership acumen that are aligned passionately with your company’s culture and mission.

Our Approach

We understand the importance of flexibility and trusted discretion when we partner on Executive Searches. ​Our Executive Search Consultants will do a deep dive to uncover your critical success factors and key challenges for the role to develop the recruitment strategy and a plan to onboard emerging, diverse, specialized slate of top leaders in their fields from your competitors.


Our process is fully customizable, due to a blend of your process and ours.  Conducting an analysis of the competitive talent landscape, identifying key success factors and attributes, and calibrating on the winning candidate’s profiles, skills assessment, and professional references.

A Custom Experience

Taking a high touch, white glove approach, we adhere to high standards of integrity to ensure both you and your emerging leaders joining your company are represented well, with full transparency. We represent both your team as well as those we come in contact with wishing to evaluate career moves.In doing so, we relentlessly create a stellar candidate experience, attract a diverse slate of qualified talent that may be overlooked, and be an ambassador to your employer brand. We’ve successfully placed over 700 executives in key positions in high tech companies and medical tech companies.

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