Pierpoint’s Writers, Sourcers and Recruiters are experts, trained and practiced in the art of protecting and building our clients’ employment brands.

Position Branding

Position branding is a vital element in our recruitment process. Pierpoint employs a professional employment branding specialist/professional writer –  to create unique position branded materials. The position branding will include information about the background and qualifications you’re looking for, duties and responsibilities, but will also highlight the opportunities and selling points. We use the position branding as a candidate engagement tool and it will also be used in our job posting and advertising strategy. We use these materials to engage directly sourced candidates that may not be actively seeking a job change. During our Intake Call process, the Pierpoint recruitment team digs into the “WHY” of why a candidate would want to come work for you. The recruiter uses this branded job description to entice candidates to submit their resumes but more importantly to “read” themselves into the opportunity.

In this way, we capitalize on finding higher quality candidates regardless of the recruitment model. These branding material are included as part of our recruitment process.

Employer Branding

How your company is perceived by the candidate marketplace is essential to achieving your hiring objectives.  This is the case for both the performance of individual jobs as well as company hiring as a whole.

In support of your Employment Brand, Pierpoint can provide strategic consultation or direct ownership for modifications to your existing strategies and content.

Key Areas Supported

  • Career Site Experience
    • Company Overview pages that includes informational videos, data driven texts and informative narratives
    • Job Function pages (i.e. Software Engineering)
    • Job Specific pages (i.e. Account Executive)
    • Diversity informative narratives focused on informing candidates to diversity related initiatives and focus
  • College Recruitment
    • Non-Exempt informative narratives catering to non-exempt hiring
    • Exempt informative narratives catering to exempt hiring
    • Global pages that includes informational videos, data driven texts and informative narratives
  • Candidate Experience
    • Career Site landing page
    • Job Search Process
    • Application Process
    • Automated Communications
    • Recruiter Interview Process & Materials
    • Hiring Manager Interview Process & Materials
    • Onboarding Process
  • Talent Community / Social Media Connection to Career Site
    • Links for candidates to connect to social media outlets via the Career Site (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Homepages & Jobs Pages for Social Media Sites
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn

Talent Communities and Networks

Pierpoint can customize a program to keep talent communities warm for future growth.  Building talent communities is a smart move for companies, no matter where your current hiring needs may stand.  With a strong talent network in place, you will enjoy the ability to fill positions more quickly and successfully.

Pierpoint relies on several strategies for building and engaging a talent community for our clients, including:

  • Internships
  • Scholarships
  • Monthly Activities
  • Regular communication

We actively re-engage the talent pool on a regular basis with opportunities that might be a fit, or just to check in to let them know they haven’t been forgotten.  With an active and engaged talent community, Pierpoint is able to reduce your time to fill and increase your quality of hire.

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