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50+ Annual Hires


Hybrid RPO

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Red Bull Places 50 University Graduates Annually Using Video Recruitment

Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian conglomerate that produces, markets, and distributes energy drinks. Operating since 1987, Red Bull has become a household name through the strong advertising, marketing, and branding of their beverage lines but they also sponsor a range of high-profile sports events.

Red Bull currently employs 13,600 people in 170 countries and places a lot of emphasis on providing graduate opportunities. This stems from the early days of Red Bull’s energy drinks marketing efforts. Initially, the energy drink was given out by the case to college students to support them in their studies, which resulted in huge numbers of sales. Red Bull has since remained dedicated to college students, graduates, and young professionals.

Red Bull’s Challenge

Red Bull’s US office wanted to set up a graduate hiring program, but their internal resources were not able to create a unified branded recruitment campaign, process the number of applicants, or maintain a high standard of candidate experience. Without support, Red Bull’s US teams were seeing high dropout rates from candidates during the recruitment process, and what candidates remained in the process were of poor quality.

Red Bull needed an RPO partner who could take their desire to hire 50+ graduates per year, create a custom sourcing and screening program, and design a scalable graduate hiring solution they could use for years to come.

  • 50+ Annual Hires

  • US Support

  • Graduate Hiring Program

Building a Successful Talent Solution

Pierpoint was appointed to design a solution that would provide Red Bull with a graduate hiring process that would leverage their employer brand, vision and mission statements to source high-quality graduate candidates at the required volume. Pierpoint deployed an on-site team to review their current processes and work with their in-house team to redesign their candidate outreach, screening and interview processes.

Delivering Impact

Pierpoint’s focus for the partnership was on candidate quality and empowering Red Bull’s employer brand. This meant Pierpoint needed to design a candidate outreach and screening process that hinged around providing a flawless candidate experience as well as high-quality candidates.

By automating candidate communications during the screening process, using video interviews and conferencing software, we maintained a high-touch process that kept all parties informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. In the first two months of the engagement, 4,000 candidates were screened and the top 200 went to interview.

Through the strength of our tech-first outlook on employer branding and candidate experience, Pierpoint was able to deliver on the required 50+ graduate hires and create a sustainable process for graduate hiring. Pierpoint has remained in partnership with Red Bull for their volume hiring needs for the last five years.

Project highlights for the 5+ year partnership include:

  • Avg. Submittal per Req: 5 – 7

  • Submit to Interview Ratio: 5:1

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: 92%

  • Reduced Time-To-Fill: 24 days

RPO Highlights

5 – 7

Avg Submittal per Requisition


Hiring Manager Satisfaction


Submit to Interview Ratio

24 Days

Reduced Time-To-Fill

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