Microsoft Customer Story

1,250+ Annual Hires

North America, LATAM, & EMEA

Hybrid RPO

Onsite & Virtual Delivery

Microsoft Hires 1,200+ Top Technology Talent Annually Worldwide

Microsoft Corporation is an internationally-renowned technology organization specializing in the development and production of computer software, electronics, personal computers, and other related technology products and services.

Established in 1975, Microsoft now employs 221,000+ people around the world and encourages and nurtures innovation, disruption and empowering everyone to achieve more; internally through its company culture, and externally to the entire world through its products and services.

  • 1,250+ Annual Hires

  • RPO Support

  • North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Microsoft’s Challenge

Microsoft needed to continually release life-changing products and software to maintain their leading position in the technology market. Having had great success with products such as the Xbox, Windows 1-11, Office 365, and many others, Microsoft needed to have continued access to leading tech talent in all of their offices to progress the research and development of all of their ongoing projects, products and software releases.

However, competition is fierce for a limited pool of tech talent anywhere in the world and Microsoft needed to be able to scale their workforce up and down depending on project needs. Microsoft needed an RPO partner who could create a unified, branded sourcing strategy for the required 1,000+ annual Engineering, IT, Sales and Consulting roles required and source contract resources when needed onsite in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Building a Successful Talent Solution

To capture the attention of the right technical quality of candidates, Pierpoint needed to design an international solution that would take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful employer brand. This required a flexible approach to manage the different geographic considerations. Pierpoint deployed an on-site team to design a branded candidate sourcing strategy to reach the required volume of candidates in their North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa locations. This multi-lingual team conducted a unified series of branded candidate outreach campaigns in candidates’ own local language to attract the volume and quality of technology talent needed.

As the partnership progressed, Microsoft’s needs changed as they needed to accelerate certain projects to bring highly-anticipated products to market. Pierpoint deployed a virtual team to manage their Hybrid RPO model.

Delivering Impact

A Hybrid RPO Model meant that Microsoft had access to the right volume of both permanent and flexible technology resources to support their development projects worldwide.

The success of these two strategies also led to Pierpoint reducing Microsoft’s time to hire from 60 days to 40. Microsoft has since entrusted their ongoing volume hiring to Pierpoint for over 1,000 annual hires for the last six years.

Project highlights for the 6+ year partnership include:

  • Avg. Submittal per Req: 5

  • Interview to Hire Ratio: 3:5:1

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: 90%

  • Time-To-Fill: 40 days

RPO Highlights


Avg Submittal per Requisition


Hiring Manager Satisfaction


Interview to Hire Ratio

40 Days

Reduced Time-To-Fill

Recent Microsoft Placements

  • Premier Field Engineer Dynamics AX
  • Premier Field Engineer Dynamics CRM
  • Premier Field Engineer Dynamics CRM
  • Application Development Manager
  • Associate Solutions Sales, NYC
  • AX Solution Architect, EMEA
  • Dynamics Architect MX
  • Dynamics Architect
  • Dynamics AX Delivery
  • Dynamics AX Developer Senior Consultant
  • Dynamics AX Program Manager
  • Dynamics AX Retail Industry Lead
  • Dynamics AX Solution Architect
  • Dynamics Sales & Proposal Manager, DC Dynamics Sales, Mexico
  • Dynamics Supply Side Platform (SSP)
  • Dynamics Technical Solution Professional Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Lead Germany
  • ERP Project Manager
  • ERP Solution Sales Specialist (SSP)
  • ERP SSP, Singapore
  • ERP SSP, Boston
  • ERP SSP, Belgium
  • ERP SSP, France
  • ERP SSP, Germany
  • ERP SSP, Japan
  • ERP Technical Specialist, SoCal/NorCal
  • ERP Technical Specialist, Belgium
  • ERP Technical Specialist, France
  • ERP Technical Specialist, Germany
  • ERP Technical Specialist, UK
  • SMPS, Austria
  • SMPS, France
  • SMPS, Italy
  • SMPS, Netherlands
  • SMPS, Portugal
  • SMPS, Spain
  • Field Engineer
  • Field Engineer IT Operations, Chile
  • Field Engineer SharePoint, Puerto Rico
  • Field Engineer (SQL) Database, Argentina
  • Field Engineer Platforms Services, Peru
  • Field Engineer, LATAM
  • Field Engineer SCCM
  • Field Engineer SQL
  • Field Engineer Messaging
  • Field Engineer NETDev, Colombia
  • Field Engineer .NETDev, Sao Paulo
  • Field Engineer Messaging, Sao Paulo
  • Field Engineer Platforms, Rio de Janeiro
  • Field Engineer Platforms, Sao Paulo
  • Field Engineer Project, Rio de Janeiro
  • Field Engineer SCCM, Rio de Janeiro
  • Field Engineer SCCM, Sao Paulo
  • Field Engineer SCOM, Sao Paulo
  • Field Engineer SQL, Ecuador
  • Field Engineer .NET Dev, Argentina
  • Delivery Consultant, Buenos Aires
  • Delivery Consultant, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Delivery Consultant, Mexico City
  • Dynamics Functional, Argentina
  • OC Dynamics Functional, FL
  • OC Dynamics Technical, Argentina
  • OC Dynamics Technical, Mexico
  • Identity Management & OS Consultant
  • Identity Management (IDM) Sr Consultant
  • Industry Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Architect Dynamics AX, Mexico
  • Architect Dynamics AX, Sao Paulo
  • Senior Consultant Modern Applications
  • Senior Consultant Retail Dynamics ERP
  • Service Delivery Specialist
  • Services Executive, Sao Paulo
  • Solution Sales Professional, Canada
  • SPPS, Mexico
  • Sr Delivery Project Manager
  • Sr Engagement Manager
  • SSP ERP, Denmark
  • SSP, Netherlands
  • STU Lead (UK)
  • Systems Center Sr Consultant
  • Systems Center Sr Consultant
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • TAM, Charlotte
  • TAM, Los Angeles
  • TAM, New York
  • TAM, Chicago
  • TAM, Colombia
  • Solutions Professional CRM, Germany
  • Technical Solutions Professional CRM, Japan
  • Technical Solutions CRM, Netherlands
  • Unified Communications Architect
  • US Field Sales Readiness Director
  • Virtualization / HyperV Sr Consultant
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Lead, UK
  • EPG Lead, Argentina
  • EPG Lead, Austria
  • EPG Lead, Brazil
  • EPG Lead, Canada
  • EPG Lead, Egypt
  • EPG Lead, Germany
  • EPG Lead, Israel
  • EPG Lead, Italy
  • EPG Lead, Japan
  • EPG Lead, Dubai
  • EPG Lead, Netherlands
  • EPG Lead, Peru
  • EPG Lead, Portugal
  • EPG Lead, Saudi Arabia
  • EPG Lead, South Africa
  • EPG Lead, Spain
  • EPG Lead, Turkey
  • EPG Lead, Ukraine
  • EPG Lead, United Arab Emirates
  • SharePoint Deployment Planning (SDPS) SDPS, Argentina
  • SDPS, Colombia
  • SDPS, France
  • SDPS, Italy
  • SDPS, Netherlands
  • SDPS, Portugal
  • SDPS, Russia
  • SDPS, Spain
  • SDPS, Austria
  • Senior Consultant SharePoint
  • Senior Consultant SharePoint

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