Mark Anthony Brewing Customer Story

500+ Annual Hires


High Volume RPO

Virtual Delivery

Mark Anthony Brewing Filled 90 Manufacturing Roles in 2 Months

Mark Anthony Brewing is now the 4th largest US brewer and provides supply chain management and brewing services for The Mark Anthony Group of Companies, a portfolio of well-known brands including White Claw Hard Seltzer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Harder, Cayman Jack & MXD Cocktails.

Founded in 1972 and based in Chicago, Illinois, they went through a period of rapid expansion to meet increased demand during the pandemic in 2020. They now operate across multiple US states and base the quality of their products, supply chain, and manufacturing processes on the experience and knowledge of their workforce.

Mark Anthony Brewing’s Challenge

Looking to increase their remit beyond Illinois to multiple states, Mark Anthony Brewing needed to hire a high volume of manufacturing and experienced talent to meet their KPIs and consumer demand. However, they lacked the internal recruiting experience and resources to meet their volume recruiting needs and were constrained by having to switch to remote recruiting to ensure the safety of their current staff and their potential future hires.

They needed to redesign their entire recruiting processes to handle out-of-state hiring, recruitment marketing, talent attraction, candidate screening and outreach, and onboarding virtually. With such a large task on their hands, they turned to RPO as the solution to handle their recruitment process remotely, safely, and to a high standard.

  • 90 Hires Needed in 2 Months

  • Multiple US State Hiring

  • Virtual Delivery

Building a Scalable Virtual Solution

Pierpoint worked with Mark Anthony Brewing to design a full reevaluation of their recruitment process. Working off-site and within Covid-19 protocols, we delivered a fully remote solution designed to meet their virtual hiring needs. We implemented new talent processes and technology to ensure they could reach, map, and contact a large talent pool of qualified manufacturing and supply chain professionals, and set up extensive KPI reporting to track, monitor, and improve their processes with real-time data.

With the required remote recruiting infrastructure in place, Pierpoint embarked on a program of high-volume remote recruiting with branded candidate attraction activities that conveyed Mark Anthony Brewing’s unique work culture and employer brand.

We coordinated a streamlined interview process so that candidate experience and safety were both met satisfactorily and ensured delivery of the required number of hires.

Delivering Impact

Our partnership focused on providing a full analysis and restructuring of their existing recruitment processes to provide a remote-friendly solution that was scalable to meet their high-volume talent needs across multiple states. The project was delivered on time and to a high standard, creating a process that’s fit for the future and adaptable to changing recruitment process needs post-pandemic.

After just two months, 90 hires had been made and the entire process scaled to meet even higher volume hiring needs, meeting a continual yearly average of 500 annual hires. Since then, Pierpoint’s hiring program has been extended to support sales, tech, and executive roles for over two years.

Project highlights for the 2+ year partnership include:

  • Avg Submittal per Req: 2 – 3
  • Submit to Interview Ratio: 89%
  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: 91%
  • Average Time-to-Fill: 21 days
Mark Anthony Brewing

RPO Highlights

2 – 3

Avg Submittal per Requisition


Hiring Manager Satisfaction


Submit to Interview Ratio

21 Days

Reduced Time-To-Fill

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