Juniper Networks Customer Story

1,000+ Annual Hires

North America

Hybrid RPO

Onsite & Virtual Delivery

Juniper Networks Reduced Time-To-Fill 20% with a Hybrid RPO Solution

Juniper Networks Inc. is a multinational corporation specializing in the development of networking and cybersecurity solutions including routers, automation, AI, software, and innovative security products.

Employing 10,000+ people, their market-leading position rests on the technical ability of their solutions teams across AI & Automation, Data Centers, Security, and SD-WAN to improve business performance for their customers.

Juniper Networks’ Challenge

With cyber security issues on the rise across North America, Juniper is rapidly expanding to meet increased demand for their networking and cyber security solutions. To meet their projected growth goals, they needed to hire 1,000+ Engineers and IT professionals to ensure they had sufficient technical experience and knowledge to continue to develop market-leading software and products and services.

Their internal talent acquisition teams were unable to source the right quality and quantity of candidates with the required technical ability to meet their quotas. Their recruitment processes were proving ineffective, inefficient, and costly. They needed an RPO partner who could step in, assess their current recruitment processes and suggest a strategy to increase their access to niche talent pools while driving greater efficiency.

  • 1,000+ Annual Hires

  • US-Based RPO Solution

  • Hybrid Delivery (Onsite and Virtual)

Building a Successful Talent Solution

Pierpoint was appointed to support Juniper with a custom RPO Solution to source, attract and recruit the required volume of technical and engineering talent and to review their existing processes for inefficiencies. Improving their recruiting metrics was a high priority for the partnership.

Pierpoint deployed an on-site team to work with Juniper’s internal hiring teams and examine how they were targeting their candidates. We then expanded their candidate targeting to include passive candidates and improve the quality of candidates we attracted. We implemented better reporting and analytics tracking so that recruiting data could be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Delivering Impact

Pierpoint’s focus for this partnership was ensuring high quality for all engineering and IT candidates and targeting them with branded recruitment marketing campaigns to ensure interest and commitment throughout the recruitment process. We managed to increase the quality of candidates attracted and reduced their interview-to-hire ratio down to 3.5:1. Their time-to-fill was reduced by 20% and overall recruitment spending cut by 12%.

Through the success of our RPO engagement for their permanent engineering and IT hiring needs, Pierpoint was then engaged to support their contract hiring across their sales and corporate talent acquisition needs.

Project highlights for the 6+ year partnership include:

  • Decreased Total Recruitment Spend : 12%

  • Reduced Time To Fill: 20%

  • Avg Time to First Submittal: 4 Days

  • Interview to Hire Ratio: 3.5:1

  • Avg Submittals Per Requisition: 5.5

  • Reduced Time-To-Fill: 42 Days

RPO Highlights


Avg Submittal per Requisition


Talent Acquisition Cost Reduction


Interview to Hire Ratio

4 Days

Avg Time to First Submittal

Recent Juniper Networks Placements

  • Architect
  • ASIC Technical Sourcing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Systems Engineer
  • Complex Product Implementation (CPI) Component Engineer Commodity Specialist Telecommunications Engineer
  • Control Plane (Mutlicast)
  • CPUFPGA Sourcing Manager
  • Customer Experience Lead
  • Customer Focused Network Engineer
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Direct Order Fulfillment Planner
  • Information Security Incident Response
  • Sr Manager of SW Development
  • Sr Manager of Product Management
  • Sr HW Program Manager
  • WLAN Solutions Architect
  • WLAN Sr Software Engineer
  • Networks Sr Commercial Account Manager
  • Networking Infrastructure Engineer
  • Lead SE Mobility
  • Senior Software Engineer (SSE)
  • SSE, Atlanta GA
  • SSE, CA
  • SSE, Cleveland, OH
  • SSE, NJ
  • SSE, NY
  • SSE, NYC Metro
  • SSE, VA
  • SSE, VA, TX, NJ
  • SSE Packet Forwarding
  • Major Account Manager (MAM)
  • MAM, Cleveland
  • MAM, Fed Civilian
  • MAM, Public Sector Chicago
  • MAM, Atlanta
  • MAM, Denver
  • MAM, Cleveland
  • MAM, CA
  • MAM, Montreal
  • MAM, Nashville
  • MAM, OH
  • MAM, Ottawa Fed Gov’t
  • MAM, Philadelphia
  • MAM, VA
  • Lead MAM, Mexico
  • Lead MAM, Brazil
  • Lead Global Account Manager
  • Lead Key Account Manager
  • Manufacturing HW Sustaining Test Engineer
  • Manufacturing Operations Director
  • Senior Manager for Component Quality
  • Manufacturing Operations Manager
  • Software Test Development Engineer
  • Manufacturing Development Engineer
  • Manufacturing Test Engineer (Hardware)
  • NMS Software Engineer
  • NMS Sr Staff Software Engineer
  • PCB Technology Engineer
  • Practice Lead – Routing/Switching
  • Pricing Analyst/Director
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Resident Engineer (RE)
  • RE, NJ
  • RE, NC
  • RE, OH
  • RE, Ontario Canada
  • RE, Redmond, WA
  • RE, VA
  • RE, South Lake
  • RE, Atlanta
  • RE, Georgia
  • RE, Sunnyvale
  • RE, WA
  • Semiconductor Commodity Manager
  • Senior Operations Manager
  • Senior Global Supply Planner
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer
  • Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Web Analytics
  • Senior Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer
  • Senior Operations Analyst
  • Senior Optics Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Senior Oracle PL/SQL and Test Developer
  • Senior Staff Cost Accountant
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • Senior Tax Manager
  • Service Program Manager
  • Service Provider Systems Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Solution Consultant Staff Westford, MA
  • Sr PAM Bell, Canada
  • Sr Product Manager Enterprise Branch
  • Sr Product Manager Services Automation
  • Sr Product Marketing Manager
  • Sr Product Marketing Manager
  • Campus Sr Sales Director
  • Sr Sales Specialist, DC Federal
  • Sr Sales Specialist, NYC
  • Sr System Engineer (Verizon Wireless)
  • Sr Systems Engineer, VA
  • Sr Systems Engineer, Philadelphia
  • Sr Systems Engineer, Atlanta
  • Sr Systems Engineer, NYC Metro
  • Sr UI Engineer
  • Sr Web Developer
  • UI
  • SS Solution Consultant
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Virtualization
  • Strategy & Planning Sr Manager
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Sustaining Engineer
  • SW Engineer
  • SW Engineer Date Plane
  • Switch Platform
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Engineer – Commercial Accounts
  • Sr Architect, MA, NJ, NY
  • Sr Architect Specialist Security
  • Product Quality Engineer
  • Prof Services Sr Manager
  • Campus Solutions Architect

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