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1,000+ Annual Hires


Enterprise RPO

Onsite & Virtual Delivery

Intuit Increases Candidate Quality with Enterprise RPO and Hybrid Delivery

Intuit Inc. is a business software company that specializes in financial software that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their most important financial challenges.

Based in the US, they currently employ 14,200 people worldwide across 20 offices in 9 countries and serve over 100 million customers with some of the leading financial software and products available. Given the nature of their business, their strength in the market comes from the quality of their IT and Engineering teams coupled with the strategic insight and tenacity of their Sales and Corporate teams.

Intuit’s Challenge

Intuit continually adds well-known software brands to its financial software packages, and with the acquisition of Credit Karma in 2020, they needed to expand their technical teams as well as their sales and corporate resource in both the US and LATAM to ensure the proper integration, marketing, and sales of their new brand. This required both permanent hires and contract labor on a project basis.

With the complexity of Intuit’s financial technology software offerings and plans to acquire MailChimp on the horizon, they needed an RPO partner who could support long-term, scalable volume hiring across Engineering, Development, UI/UX, Sales, IT & Corporate roles and ensure the right quality of permanent and contract candidates to keep sales high across all locations.

  • 1,000+ Annual Hires

  • US & LATAM RPO, Hybrid and Project RPO Support

  • Hybrid Delivery (On-site & Virtual)

Building a Successful RPO Solution

Working with Intuit’s existing hiring team, Pierpoint designed a globally-aligned talent acquisition model that could be scaled for international project hiring requirements or maintained as an ongoing hiring process.

Through an on-site program management team based in San Francisco, Pierpoint provided strategic oversight of their recruitment processes, looking critically at their analytics and reporting methods and implementing better recruiting performance reporting technology. This formed the basis of an ongoing volume hiring solution designed to attract the right technical and operational candidates through branded candidate outreach programs.

Pierpoint provided a Spanish-speaking, off-site virtual team to manage and coordinate all required LATAM contract engagements in the local language, ensuring a smooth process for both parties and that local contract labor regulations were met.

Delivering Impact

Because of Intuit’s need for qualified, technical and leadership skills, our partnership focused on sourcing the right quality of candidates and updating their recruitment tracking processes to provide better analytics about their recruitment performance. In 2021, Pierpoint had secured over 200 Tier 1 tech support hires and had reduced their average time-to-fill to 35 days.

By designing a globally-aligned solution and delivering it in a hybrid approach, Pierpoint met their needs and delivered all required hires on time. The success of both the volume hiring for permanent candidates and the project contract support in LATAM, has meant that Pierpoint has been retained as an ongoing RPO partner to support future hiring needs.

Project highlights for the 7+ year partnership include:

  • Average Submittal per Req: 5 – 7

  • Average Time-to-Fill: 35 Days

  • 200+ Tier 1 Tech Support Hires in 2021

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: 91%


RPO Highlights

5 – 7

Avg Submittal per Requisition


Hiring Manager Satisfaction

35 Days

Avg Time-To-Fill


Tier 1 Tech Support Hires

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