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Gilead Saved 41% in Agency Costs While Hiring Top Clinical Talent Nationally

Gilead Sciences Inc. is a US-based biopharmaceutical company that specializes in researching and developing antiviral drugs to treat major illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, influenza, Covid-19, etc.

They have been achieving breakthroughs in medicine for over three decades and have commercialized 25+ innovative drugs and medicines. Currently employing 14,000+ employees, they place significant emphasis on the technical ability, knowledge, passion, and compassion of their clinical workforce who drive their continual innovation and work every day to improve people’s lives. The output of their clinical departments is supported by streamlined administrative functions and cutting-edge technology and IT systems.

Gilead’s Challenge

With the ever-present need to continue to achieve medical breakthroughs, Gilead needed to have sustained access to innovative and dynamic clinical professionals and scale its general administrative (G&A) and IT workforce to meet changing needs.

With their technical requirements high and their talent supply low for clinical professionals, they were finding it challenging to source the required volume of clinical talent for their different products, functions, and projects. Previously, they had relied on third-party resources to source the required talent, however, these were not proving successful against their limited talent pools, they needed an RPO partner who could tackle both their continuous need for a high volume of clinical professionals and provide on-demand support to scale G&A and IT teams when needed.

Building a Successful Talent Solution

Pierpoint deployed an on-site team to support Enterprise RPO for their clinical volume hiring needs. This team was embedded into the organization for full cultural immersion, this ensured that their candidate sourcing strategies were fully branded and aligned with the company’s wider business goals, mission, and vision. Through a series of branded candidate sourcing campaigns, the on-site team was able to reach previously untapped talent pools with the required technical capability and passion for innovation.

As the clinical volume hiring project succeeded, Gilead’s G&A and IT requirements changed, to meet these needs and ensure Gilead had the operational infrastructure required to bring life-changing medications and therapies to the world, Pierpoint deployed a virtual team to source the right volume of candidates.

Delivering Impact

This flexible approach meant that Gilead could adapt and change its IT and administrative functions based on the output of their clinical teams, ensuring timely progress on all major pharmaceutical projects and the delivery of life-changing products to the market.

Pierpoint’s focus on sourcing candidates with both a technical capability and a genuine passion for medicine meant that Gilead’s hiring goals were met. The strength of this partnership has led to Pierpoint continuing to offer Gilead flexible RPO support for over two years.

Project highlights for the 2+ year partnership include:

  • Reduced Agency Costs: 41%

  • Avg. Submittal per Req: 3 – 4

  • Submit to Interview Ratio: 3:1

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: 93%

RPO Highlights


Talent Agency Cost Reduction

3 – 4

Avg Submittal per Requisition


Submit to Interview Ratio


Hiring Manager Satisfaction

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