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Acceptance Auto Insurance Reduced Late-Stage Candidate Fallout by 53%

Acceptance Insurance is an insurance provider specializing in auto insurance as well as a wider package of other insurance services and products. With offices in 19 US states, they believe in delivering personalized services through local sales agents who know the streets their customers drive on.

With a sales team of 600+ covering 300 individual locations in the US, they place a lot of emphasis on the local insight and product knowledge of their sales teams.

Acceptance Auto Insurance’s Challenge

As Acceptance expanded into California, they found it challenging to source and recruit candidates with the required local knowledge, sales acumen, and insurance product knowledge. Their current recruitment process required 5-10 candidates to make a placement and saw excessive early-stage attrition and even late-stage dropouts.

They needed an RPO partner who could review their current recruitment process, identify what was causing the candidate attrition and design a solution to attract, recruit, and onboard the required local insurance sales personnel with a focus on improving their overall hiring metrics and candidate experience.

  • 100+ Local Sales Hires

  • United States Support

  • Virtual Delivery

Building a Successful Talent Solution

Pierpoint deployed a team to evaluate their current recruitment marketing, screening, interview, and onboarding processes. Working with Acceptance, Pierpoint redesigned their sourcing strategy and incorporated strong employer branding into candidate outreach programs to attract and engage dynamic and knowledgeable local talent.

The screening and interview stages were overhauled to improve candidate experience and regular communications were issued to candidates throughout the process.

Delivering Impact

Through the strength of Pierpoint’s recruitment marketing strategy and their redesigned screening process, we provided talent acquisition consulting enabling Acceptance to deliver the right quality of local candidates to interview stage and improving Acceptance’s time to fill.

The dedication and care of our collaboration ensured a steady stream of branded recruitment communications with candidates, keeping them informed of the process and their progress, which led to a decrease in their candidate dropout rate.

Project highlights for the partnership include:

  • Decrease in Time-to-Fill: 26%
  • Decrease in Candidate Dropout Rate: 53%

  • Reduced 90-Day Attrition: 33%

  • Avg. Candidate Submission Rate: 3 – 5
Acceptance Auto Insurance

Program Highlights


Candidate Dropout Decrease


Reduced 90-Day Attrition

3 – 5

Reduced Req Candidate Slate


Decrease in Time-To-Fill

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