Our focus on Vendor Service Programs (VSP) and Contingent Workforce Solutions are part of our managed service solutions.

We focus strongly on Recruiters, Sourcers & Coordinators. We do include Program Managers, HR Managers when needed. Our VSP model enhances our RPO offerings.

We offer a blended workforce solution

This approach encompasses traditional talent acquisition for employees, as well as management of contingent workforce suppliers, service providers, and free agent contractors within the TA function. Pierpoint will manage under one process that provides significant benefits from better visibility into workforce supply and demand, to lower compliance risk and cost control, to improved talent quality.

Why Blended Workforce Solutions?

  • Alignment of talent and business plan: Holistic blended workforce solutions helps your company manage supply and demand for their TA workforce while delivering quality hiring for full-time roles within the TA mission
  • Global governance and visibility: Our centralized point of contact for hiring managers, candidates, recruiters, VSP Recruiters  enables better control of talent operations; standardizes policies, reporting and metrics; improves overall cost control; and is a proven risk reduction practice.


  • Blended workforce solution that helps your company manage supply and demand for their TA workforce.
  • One centralized point of contact for hiring managers, candidates & recruiters.
  • Control of talent operations, standardized policies, reporting and recruitment metrics.
  • Managed Team with:
    • Coaching
    • Tools
    • Better Benefits
    • Not subject to liability
    • Not subject to length of stay

“The Pierpoint team were professional, understood the market and the languages spoken were an advantage for us in our hiring. We are happy with the results.”

Martin Dangerfield
Staffing Manager, Symantec

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