Pierpoint’s Container Model is what we call a Hybrid: a cross between contingency and retained search.

If you typically use traditional contingency agencies for some of your hiring efforts, you will find our Container model a better solution. The Container model is typically half the cost of contingency and can be applied to one position or many, making it ideal for difficult or specialized positions.

Container Model Highlights

  • We own the search
  • We create unique position branding and marketing materials for each role
  • We create a specialized recruitment strategy including posting and advertising
  • We are responsible for the hire
  • Predictable, low cost, with an average cost per hire of 8-10% of base salary
  • Pricing model includes a fee to launch and upon hire
  • Includes a 90 day free replacement with a 1 year warranty option (Exclusive Offering by Pierpoint
  • Flexibility: One position to multiple positions (no minimum requirements)
  • We provide a dedicated recruiter who is laser focused on filling your role
  • Dedication and level of service is similar to executive search with a lower cost, ie confidential, C-level, hard to fill, etc

Container vs Contingency  – Contingency Disadvantages

  • Not just focused on one search
  • Focused on filling roles while generating new business
  • Work the roles that most likely will generate a financial result, working easier roles first
  • Shop candidates to multiple opportunities
  • None consultative approach, sending resumes as they seem to “fit”
  • Average Cost Per Hire is 20-30%
  • No warranty option

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Proactively builds talent pipelines
  • Provides 100% compliance in co-employment issues
  • Reduces costs significantly
  • Increases hiring manager satisfaction
  • Positively impacts employee engagement and fit
  • Improves attrition and turnover rates

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