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The Next Stage of RPO

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The Next Stage of RPO Helps You Recruit the Right Talent—Right When You Need It

With the extremely low unemployment rate and a growing skills and talent gap, U.S. companies are struggling more than ever to find, retain, and compete for the right talent to help their business grow and become a competitive player in their industry.

In recent years, companies have increasingly turned to recruitment experts—outside firms performing a service known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)—to help transform their talent acquisition process and find higher quality candidates with greater efficiency.

But as the recruiting environment grows more complex and fast-paced, RPOs must go the extra mile to deliver value-added services and speedy solutions. On average, a quality RPO implementation can take anywhere from six to nine months to roll out. But in many cases, HR professionals and hiring managers seeking outside help to fill hard-to-staff positions need solutions—and talent—now.

Recruiting experts Pierpoint International (“Pierpoint”) say the next stage of RPO market development is to solve companies’ short-term problems while simultaneously planning a sustainable recruitment outsourcing program aimed at long-term growth. Pierpoint is unveiling a new, rapid-response strategy to accelerate the recruitment timeline with a revolutionary recruitment model called RRO (Recruitment Resource Outsourcing). 

This model employs a ready-now, expert recruitment team with a robust talent pipeline to assess companies’ immediate needs and provide quick relief for their biggest talent pain points. In the following pages, there are several key elements of RRO—the next stage of RPO in producing greater, more efficient results in the mature talent market. 

RRO recognizes that the customer has a need “yesterday”—and fills that need today.

It’s that age-old adage: You don’t start looking for the buckets until the building is on fire. In today’s service-driven economy, companies often don’t see a problem until it’s right in front of them. So if an organization has made the decision to engage an RPO provider today, that usually means they need solutions—and talent—yesterday. 

Historically, the answer has lied in outsourcing all or a portion of a company’s recruitment process to an RPO provider, which can help streamline hiring costs, decrease time-to-fill, and improve candidate quality. A successful RPO program provides talent acquisition consulting that encompasses analysis, strategy, and execution.

The problem is this: Traditional RPO platforms have an implementation process that can take anywhere between six to nine months to roll out, in the meantime leaving organizations with unfilled critical positions and dwindling profits. 

With RRO, that timeline is cut in half and a ready-now, expert recruitment team starts throwing water on the proverbial fire today. Armed with a robust talent pipeline to identify immediate talent needs and begin recruiting on day one, this team commences the planning and roll-out of a sustainable recruitment outsourcing program aimed at long-term growth while simultaneously focusing on filling hard-to-fill positions to get talent in your door as the immediate priority. 

A typical RPO implementation begins with a lengthy education process in which the outsourcers learn about the company’s brand, hiring needs and process, and technological tools to determine how best to market and promote the business—all before taking any action to do so.  

On the flip side, an RRO model embraces the idea of “education and action,” rather than “education before action.” An RRO provider will still learn the ins and outs of the company, but it will also tell the company: “Help us understand where your biggest issues are so we can start servicing them immediately while we’re getting up to speed on the rest.”

Under this model, the ramp-up time is significantly reduced; talent is identified and retained, and onboarding begins an average of three to six months sooner than with traditional RPO platforms.

What are the key points of evaluation for selecting an RRO provider?

An evolutionary cousin to RPO, RRO is a redefined RPO process that focuses on the value of a trained, experienced, and certified recruitment team and process oversight which curates technology, facilities ongoing training, and delivers experienced support and guidance on process. A few of the most important things to look for in a successful RRO provider are:

  • Specializations of their recruiters 
  • Training and education of their recruiters 
  • Tenure of their recruiters

There’s no overstating the importance of specialization when it comes to improving time-to-fill in a tight labor market. Yet some companies may not realize how critical it is to choose recruiters that have experience in their sector or industry, be it health care, financial services, medical devices, pharmaceutical, networking, or software development. While a recruiter’s skill set may be may be transferable from industry to industry, their back end knowledge base is not. For example, an experienced recruiter who’s been in the IT sector for ten years is equipped with a Rolodex filled with high-quality candidates whom they can draw from to start filling positions on day one. Therefore, the speed to fill on an experienced, successful recruiter is infinitely quicker than it would be for somebody who either hasn’t worked in that industry or hasn’t worked in the space for a long time. 

As a leader in RRO, and its category founding father, Pierpoint boasts a team of highly skilled recruiters who all have LinkedIn Recruiter Certification, applicant tracking systems training, and take ongoing courses on advanced strategic sourcing. Depending on the industry verticals, they possess additional specialized training and certifications. For example,  they may be a Certified Java Developer themselves or have a black belt certification in Diversity & Inclusion and Internet Recruitment. Regardless, all team members have a bachelor’s degree and many have master’s degrees in psychology, business administration, biochemistry, and engineering. This allows recruiters to understand the technology, candidate motivation, and business acumen to partner well with hiring managers and internal recruiting teams.

The Pierpoint team has been cultivating the RRO program and offers the following metrics:

  • Recruiters have an average of 12+ years of experience, particularly in the high-tech, healthcare, and med-tech sectors, which boast some of the more tough-to-fill, specialized roles where knowledge workers are in highest demand. 
  • Pierpoint averages 14 to 20 days to identify the winning candidate with interviews taking place.
  • The RRO team fills complex roles within 30 to 45 days compared to an industry average of 60 days. 
  • In an industry where the provider-client relationship tenure is approximately two years, Pierpoint’s customer retention rate is 94 percent with most relationships spanning 10 or more years.

What is the technology plan for RRO?

Industry insiders say RPO partners must get in front of technological change while also offering more services. With immense competition to find and attract candidates, it is crucial that an RRO program has a technology recruitment stack that is targeted to each organization and has the ability to cut through the clutter to customize the ideal solution for clients.

Using the latest technology, artificial intelligence tools, and advanced sourcing techniques, Pierpoint is able to fill 70 percent of vacancies with passive candidates in a very competitive talent market where the unemployment rate is under 3 percent. Additionally, Pierpoint has helped many companies implement new technologies to improve effectiveness and therefore lower their operational recruiting costs. Some examples include new applicant tracking systems that improve candidate quality, and interview scheduling automation that easily and quickly gets candidates in the door so vacancies can be filled in a more timely manner.

As the challenge to secure talent faster than the organization next door continues to grow, the RRO model is an excellent option to explore to speed up the recruitment process. This solution can also be combined with a number of other offerings, such as hourly recruiter rentals, a hybrid container model for critical talent searches, and specialty hire programs via a diverse team of recruiters that can support any organizations’ needs in virtually any geography in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

About Pierpoint

Pierpoint International is an award-winning provider of RPO, full and partial lifecycle recruiting, and sourcing services. Our global team is led by former Fortune 100 talent acquisition execs from Cisco, People Soft, Disney, Wellpoint and other Baker’s Dozen RPO firms. Pierpoint’s seasoned recruiters have expertise in recruiting solutions, an average of 8 years tenure, and are fluent in 8 languages supporting the US, EMEA & APAC.

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