How Can an RPO Improve Your Tech Stack?

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Updated: March 6, 2023

Your enterprise likely has a full tech stack in place, maintained and used by your current workforce. But what about your recruitment tech stack? That means the technology and tools you need to attract, engage and hire the right quality and quantity of or people for your workforce. Your recruitment tech stack is extremely important to ensure you can process high volumes of applicants, communicate regularly with them, add elements of personalization, reduce bias in the hiring process, answer any questions, and track the recruitment process accurately. This can mean anything from AI recruiting with chatbots embedded into your ATS, to automated email and interview scheduling.

It’s important to keep your recruitment technology up to date as recruiters and HR teams are 64% more likely to fill job vacancies with tools like automation.

Examples of Recruitment Technology

As the world continues to become more and more digitized, the recruitment process has followed suit, offering a digital experience for most applicants. This means recruiting for most industries has become more and more dependent on automation and machine learning tools, like AI recruiting, which help HR teams and recruiters create a seamless online recruitment experience for candidates. Other successful and extremely popular recruiting technology, software, or applications include:

  • Online job posts on digital job boards, social media, and career sites
  • Chatbots for 24/7 candidate/customer services
  • Email automation to save time communicating application status updates
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Internal, integrated employee referral programs to increase talent pools
  • Virtual hiring events, seminars, and conferences
  • Automated SMS updates
  • And much more

Understandably, the amount of recruitment technology available to enhance your tech stack and recruiting processes are endless. However, you need to be strategic and technical about which products you integrate into your existing tech stack.  This is because there may be integration issues as some products may not be designed to work with one another.

How Can an RPO Improve Your Recruitment Tools and Techniques?

An RPO partner can help you scale or update your recruitment tech stack, so your recruitment processes are achieving optimal results, are efficient and cost-effective. Partnering with an RPO to improve your tech stack is a great idea as RPOs won’t suggest an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter solution, but will work with you to create custom solutions based on your recruitment and business goals.

They also have great insight into the different types of recruitment technology available and can suggest which vendors will integrate best with your existing tech stack. An RPO partner, like Pierpoint, will typically take the following approach to improve your recruitment tech stack:

Assess Your Current Tech Stack

Before we begin to map out what improvements are needed to your tech stack, it’s important to take stock of what is already in place. When doing so an RPO will consider all connections and interdependencies including:

  • Who’s responsible for the tools being used
  • Which tools are integrated together
  • Any dependencies across solutions
  • The life-cycle stages of your solutions

Identify any Areas for Improvement or Inefficiencies

Once your RPO has mapped the connections between your current recruitment tech stack, they can identify any redundancies, pinpoint areas for consolidation and recommend which tools and products are no longer a fit for your needs.

Suggest Products that would Enhance Your Current Process

Your RPO partner can then suggest products and solutions that would enhance your current recruitment processes or replace redundant tools. Many modern applications are multi-functional, allowing you to replace several products in one go or integrate existing applications for smoother, more efficient processes.

Create a Strategy for Implementation

After they’ve identified tools that can help enhance your current processes to better fulfill your business needs, your RPO partner can create a strategy for implementation. This involves identifying any additional IT capabilities you need, logistical planning, and providing training for employees on new tech. Doing this right ensures minimal disruption.

Oversee Implementation and Quality Control

They will then oversee the implementation and provide ongoing support to ensure you are getting the most from your new tools and that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Use to Support Wider Hiring Needs

You can then use your updated tech stack to support your wider hiring needs. Recruiting software and tools can be used to improve the candidate experience, build your employer brand, and help you access new talent pools. You can also use the data gathered from your systems for better workforce planning to help future-proof your hiring.

Get advice and support on incorporating AI recruiting or other forward-thinking tools into your recruitment tech stack with Pierpoint. We can also support your wider talent acquisition requirements by building branded recruitment processes that support positive candidate experiences for better offer acceptances. Talk to an expert today.

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