Everything You Need to Know About Recruitment Marketing for Volume Hiring

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Updated: August 7, 2023

From hospitality to healthcare, retail to manufacturing, many industries rely on high volume hiring to keep services running and maintain customer experience during peak demand. In fact, 65% of all businesses have some form of high-volume hiring demand. But filling a lot of positions quickly and efficiently can be challenging. Which is why only 45% of organizations say their existing high-volume hiring strategy is working. It can be costly and time-consuming to get hold of enough resumes in the first place and when you do, those candidates might not be the right match for the role or your business. That’s because traditional recruitment marketing methods aren’t always designed to reach hundreds of qualified candidates effectively.

What Makes High-Volume Hiring So Difficult?

The recruitment and selection process for hiring at volume is unique. If you are filling one role it’s much easier to take your time trying out different recruitment marketing methods, reviewing resumes and interviewing potential candidates. You can afford to have a longer selection process, that incorporates multiple interviews or skill assessments and if you don’t find the perfect candidate on the first try you can tweak where your job adverts are displayed or produce new advertising content. But when you are volume hiring you encounter specific challenges that make that more difficult such as:

  • Tight deadlines
  • Too many, or too few, applicants
  • Poor candidate experience

These challenges make it harder to fill a large number of roles quickly and efficiently.

7 Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Volume Recruitment

So, what can you do to make your recruitment marketing more effective at filling a high volume of vacancies? Well, the first step is to connect with an RPO partner like Pierpoint. We ‘re experts at volume hiring and can offer solutions tailored to your hiring needs and help you develop flexible, innovative strategies that incorporate recruitment marketing methods designed for high volume hiring such as:

1. Setting Clear Expectations

When you are hiring in large numbers time is of the essence. You can’t afford to waste time on applications that don’t meet your needs. You also can’t spend a lot of time tweaking job descriptions and role requirements. Sit down early and set clear expectations for the role you are hiring for and communicate that in the job description. This will help reduce the number of unsuitable applications you receive and help candidates know exactly what a role involved, reducing the likelihood of dropouts later in the process.

2. Rediscovering the Talent in Your ATS

If you’ve been hiring for a while, you likely have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) full of candidates who might not have been job seeking at the time, or who missed out on a role by a slim margin. When you are hiring at volume it helps to keep your ATS data up to date from time to time by contacting past candidates. This contact can help you reawaken old relationships, keep your information fresh and find the right fit for new job openings. Reaching out to past candidates allows you to tap into a pool of talent that has already shown interest in your company and its opportunities and can save you significant time. You never know what talent you might rediscover!

3. Making Use of Programmatic Job Advertising

This innovative approach uses AI and data-driven targeting to display your job ads across multiple platforms, reaching a wider and more relevant audience. For high volume hiring, programmatic job advertising (PJA) offers several advantages. Because it efficiently distributes job postings to numerous job boards, social media platforms, and niche sites, means your advert gets the most exposure possible. Not only does this attract more candidates it can save time. Meaning you can spend more time evaluating candidates, speeding up the hiring process.

4. Simplifying Your Hiring Processes

A streamlined, and straightforward application process improves candidate experience, making it more appealing for potential applicants to apply for roles with your organization. This positive experience gives a favorable impression boosting your employer brand and attracting top talent. A simplified hiring process also saves valuable time for both candidates and recruiters. With fewer complexities, you can quickly review applications and identify the best-fit candidates.

5. Producing Candidate Centered Content

By creating content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of potential candidates, you can connect with a larger and more diverse talent pool. Engaging and informative content, such as career blogs, employee testimonials, and virtual tours, helps candidates envision themselves within your company culture, making them more likely to apply. Candidate-centered content also showcases your organization’s values and commitment to employee satisfaction, attracting top talent and increasing the overall quality of applicants.

6. Using Your Employee Networking and Referrals

Because your existing employees are already familiar with your culture and requirements, they refer candidates who are more likely to meet your needs and goals. This targeted approach significantly increases the chances of finding suitable candidates quickly, streamlining the hiring process. Referred candidates tend to be more engaged and committed, leading to higher retention rates. Employee referrals also demonstrate a positive work environment and employee satisfaction, enhancing your reputation and employer brand, which, in turn, encourages more potential candidates to apply.

7. Helping You Track What’s Working (and Not Working)

Tracking metrics like application rates, source of hire, time-to-fill, and candidate conversion rates, can help you identify what’s working well and what needs improvement in your recruitment marketing strategy. Data-driven analysis helps improve your recruitment campaigns and make sure you are always targeting the best sources for attracting top talent. It ensures you are making informed decisions, allocating resources efficiently, and fine-tuning your approach for better results.

Let Pierpoint help you streamline your high-volume hiring efforts and find and retain the best-fit candidates for your business.  Our tailored RPO solutions are designed for your business, so you can connect with top-tier talent and create a compelling employer brand. With our advanced analytics, you’ll discover innovative ways to attract and engage a diverse pool of high-quality candidates efficiently. Talk to an expert today.

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