Key Med Tech Roles

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Updated: October 4, 2022

Along the world’s growing and aging population, scientific advancements are at a significant high, backed up by an increasing capital investment. From Epidemiologists to Biomedical Engineers and Medical Scientists, now more than ever there is no doubt of the importance and need for highly qualified Med Tech and Life Sciences professionals.

Between 2001 and 2018, CBRE Group reported an outstanding growth in Biotech R&D jobs that fueled an increase to 1.7 million life sciences jobs, representing a 42% jump.

Demand for Med Tech professionals

The future of being a Med Tech looks promising, at least for the next 10 years. Med Tech careers will likely grow 7% above the national average as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth is mainly contributed due to an aging population of baby boomers. Like many other firsts that this generation saw, it also started to experience diseases like cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, and among other disorders. The demand is also fueled by the emergence of trends in women’s health, infectious diseases such as what we are all experiencing globally as of late with the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. Top-Ranking Emerging Life Sciences Development Metro Cities

Also from CBRE Research, several cities are emerging as key players to become leading life sciences metro cities.  Taking into consideration abundant NIH funding, top-ranked schools and medical institutions, plus a substantive life science workforce and strong employment growth, these are some of the qualities taken into consideration to be part of the following list.

  1. Seattle
  2. Houston
  3. Austin
  4. Minneapolis
  5. St Louis
  6. Denver
  7. Dallas/Ft. Worth
  8. Atlanta
  9. Pittsburgh

Key Med Tech and Health Sciences Roles

As a Med Tech and health sciences professional, you will find yourself getting hired in several organizations like Hospitals, Laboratories, Drug Development, Biotech Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Health Food and Drinks companies, environmental agencies, etc. Most of these placements are handled by medical technology recruitment agencies. People employed within Med Tech, Healthcare, and Bio Tech companies perceive their jobs to be challenging and career satisfying.  There are major impacts to saving and improving quality of life for those who have a need for managing their health conditions. Many times their personal mission is also aligned with the good of the company’s mission of addressing an unmet medical need that are worked on.  From inventing a new therapy and bringing it as a treatment option to market, employees at these companies tend to stay and invest their career for decades.

An average Med Tech worker entering the workforce with a university degree in 2021 could get hired at $67,000 per year. Additionally, when new grads who have more years of education and have earned certifications, they could manage to make up to $ 77,000 per year as starting salaries. The pay varies with the kind of organization and the location that hires Med Tech graduates.

High Tech professionals normally employed with pure Technology companies have skills that are transferable to Med Tech as more healthcare medical devices companies are building their digital health features in their product and remote servicing of their platforms. Healthcare can be delivered remotely with robotics and diagnostic devices are accessible in the cloud. These are some of the different roles that are highly sought after by this high growth sector:

  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Bioinformatics and Statistical Consultant
  • Computational Biologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Industrial Pharmacist
  • Medical Affairs Director
  • Research Assistant
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Physicians and Registered Nurses
  • Toxicologist Director
  • Medical Devices Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Medical Data Scientist
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineer
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Digital Health Records Specialist
  • Database Solution Designer
  • Cybersecurity Engineers

As the study of Med Tech and Life Sciences continues to innovate and grow we can expect to develop into new and diverse subjects like microbiology, chemistry, immunology, etc., allowing for talented Med Tech professionals to find diverse career growth options.

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