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Need to Hire Fast? How an RPO Can Attract Talent in a Time Crunch

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Seasonal demands, unexpected changes to projects and employees who move onto other opportunities are some of the reasons organizations need to hire fast. Anyone in overworked and under-resourced HR departments knows that this is not an easy feat to achieve. All existing HR work needs to continue, while the added task of trying to find a good fit the first time throws a giant wrench into the works.

So what do organizations do? Unless there is a big HR department with lots of senior members to take on recruiting tasks themselves, most organizations will need to look to an RPO partner for assistance.

In this post, we look at how RPOs can come in at critical moments when hiring needs to be completed as quickly as possible. Not only that, the hired person has got to be the right choice for the job as bad hires can be very costly.

The adage of ‘time is money’ has been around for a long time, but these days, time costs a lot more money.

RPOs For the Short-Term, Long-Term and End-To-End Hire

The role of an RPO, as Edwin Noordeloos at the Amsterdam-based recruiting company Yoores says, is always to find ways to decrease the time-to-hire for clients. This usually follows three strategies: long-term, short-term or streamlining end-to-end processes.

The long-term focuses on sustained building of employer brand to attract passive candidates as well as create a clear message for all potential hires.

A short-term approach is for a quick fix, where an RPO takes over job marketing and promoting individual opening to find a new hire fast.

Streamlining the end-to-end process is where RPOs can be the most effective in reducing time to hire. This means from the first job posting to the final hire, the RPO takes the lead and feeds in the best candidates.

RPOs Add Value to Time-Poor Businesses

Life is unpredictable, which makes hiring requirements unpredictable.

Axim Technologies president Sai Navle says modern businesses need to be able to hire quickly when necessary and also remain ahead of daily disruptions. While this can be achieved by in-house hiring professionals, the truth is that it is a difficult task.

RPOs, brought in during critical times or maintained for these unpredictable disruptions take away HR’s pain. Not only have RPOs got a loaded talent pipeline to draw from, they have the personnel power to get the job done fast.

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A Changing Industry Requires Calling In the Experts

The hiring market is fluid. Technology and other advancements bring with them changes to prevailing best practice. Hiring is not only highly technical, it is also social and requires relationship building across multiple media.

It is because of these changing variables that Andrew Greenberg at Contract Recruiter argues in favor of partnering with an RPO: “Outsourcing all of your recruiting or just part of your recruitment process puts the reins in the hands of experienced recruitment consultants, saving you time and money.”

This is especially true in times of rapid growth or seasonal spikes, which can place undue strain on staff and make in-house recruiting a daunting challenge. An RPO can better stabilize the fluctuations of an organization’s recruiting activity.

Staying on trend is something Zach Chertok, principal analyst for the Human Capital Management practice in Scotland, talks about too. He says part of the power of an RPO partner is that it is up to date with recruitment trends and market demands.

For companies that keep recruiting in-house, the converse applies in that they limit their scope of understanding as to exactly what candidates want from them as employers.

It’s essential that companies maintain a broad understanding of the needs of the recruitment market if they want to find the best candidates in the fastest possible time, an often insurmountable task for time-strapped hiring professionals. Outsourcing can provide a direct line to market trends and dictates.

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RPOs Can Help Lift When the Load Gets Too Heavy

Carrie Kolar at the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association says the demands placed on hiring departments tend to vary, often due to unexpected and unplanned events. They need to be able to adapt to solve these problems. Part of this ability to adapt stems from better planning.

“Determine the likely workload for the next year and build you team around that,” Kolar writes, “setting a level of what you know they can handle.” Beyond that, it will be essential to have a reliable RPO partner on hand to swoop in with added resources. The caveat, however, is to ensure an RPO that delivers consistent and optimal results.

Using an RPO partner means that unexpected hiring needs don’t take away time and resources from an organization’s core business, RPOA’s Allison Reilly adds. Most susceptible to these disruptions are SMEs. RPOs can help these organizations remain focused while finding new hires fast.

Our own Jon Langford says, “The exempt-level hiring that a midsized company looks to outsource is generally a prime candidate for 20 to 50 percent reductions in time to fill through an RPO.”

Langford refers to Shutterstock, which required more hires in 2017 due to taking on more global deals. Pierpoint provided a scalable recruitment strategy to accommodate this demand.

There’s a Reason RPOs Were Created

Hiring professional John Hull says “RPO was born as a reaction to poor practice by 3rd party recruiters.” A lack of transparency and strategy meant talent acquisition did not perform well nor was this performance adequately measured.

RPO models brought “discipline, measurement, transparency and delivery focus to HR operations,” Hull writes. This has led to commercial and operational rigor that focuses on reducing time and cost to hire and lowering attrition rates.

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RPOs Deliver Flexibility

RPO director Jason Collins at NP Group says that RPOs bring flexibility to organizations. In-house recruitment teams tend to be a fixed number of permanent staff. While workloads increase or decrease, the number of staff dealing with this remains static.

An RPO partner can add or subtract resources from a project accordingly. “If you have a peak in recruitment needs, additional consultants are added to support your onsite consultant, and when your business demands less human capital, the solutions flexes – all within the confines of your agreed contract and cost. This means less internal change and flex, whilst still meeting your business demands,” Collins writes.

Flexibility is important, according to Seuss Recruitment CEO Sabine Hutchinson. She says RPOs give their partner organizations “a dedicated recruiter on a temporary basis.” This means they have the resources and knowledge to focus all their energies on filling a role quickly and effectively.

Time to Hire Is Cut With a Strong Employer Brand

It’s hard to find the right candidate at the best of times. It’s harder still when there are time pressures involved. This is one of the reasons why building and maintaining a strong employer brand is vital.

A good RPO partner will be adept at creating a powerful brand message on behalf of their client. When the highly sought after passive candidate needs to be hired, the employer brand is a powerful ally.

“Passive job seekers need time to learn about your brand, so your campaigns and channels need to provide that consistent image over time,” says Lanis Yarzab, vice president of Sales, APAC & Middle East, at Pontoon Solutions.

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