Optimizing High Volume Hiring

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Updated: December 19, 2022

The need of optimizing high volume recruiting has become an important task, due to the continuous expansion of technology and businesses. To effectively handle the process of volume hiring, one has to be skilled enough for the task. Otherwise, if recruitment is done incorrectly it can seriously damage the business performance and capital. Moreover, recruitment is especially a critical task for the hiring of tech roles such as software engineers, and developers. As such departments and candidates push the companies towards their goals.

According to the research done by ideal, “a low volume job position receives around 59 applications, whereas a high volume job position can get up to 250 applications.” No matter the scenario, sorting out 250 applications to find the tech talent fit for your company is a tiresome and difficult role. Through optimizing your hiring strategies, you can easily narrow down the list of potential candidates who will be perfect for the role.

We have arranged some strategies for you to optimize your high volume hiring. These are no doubt, some of the best practices for hiring the most appropriate candidate easily!

1. Simplification of the Talent Acquisition Process

The flaw in our dealings with Talent Acquisition Team (TA team) is that we burden them so much with administrative work. Hence, they are left with less energy, time, and money to track down appropriate candidates for your organization. In-result, you can lose out on a potential candidate or can hire a misfit candidate for your organization. Moreover, a misfit hiring for tech department candidates can be troublesome, as they are the real workforce of backend processes development.

The key to success for an effective TA team is to reduce their workload. Furthermore, including some people from a tech background in your TA team can also help you better hire potential candidates for your tech roles. Also, the use of technology for sourcing, screening, and interviewing saves a lot of time for your TA team. Additionally, it will automatically remove unqualified candidates. You can check Checkster’s Reference Insights and Interview Insights for further assistance. Through this technique, you’ll greatly optimize your high volume hiring process.

2. Sourcing

To initiate a successful recruitment process, one needs to attract the right candidates for the role. If you are hiring for just one role, even then you have to filter hundreds of candidates to find the perfect one which suits your needs.

Such a strategy isn’t useful when you are recruiting on a mass level. Because you aren’t hiring for just one role, you need hundreds of potential applicants.

The use of technologies such as Programmatic Advertising and Chatbots can greatly help you to find potential candidates while mass recruiting. Also, if you are hiring for tech roles, online platforms such as LinkedIn, Sumry, and Jobcase can be beneficial.

3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Another great strategy, through which the company can greatly optimize mass recruiting is by outsourcing the recruitment process. In Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a company transfers the task and rights of hiring potential candidates’ to an external party. An RPO provider can work as a company’s’ HR extension on-site where hiring is done. The RPO provider can effectively work to provide you potential technology, staff, and recruitment that can fulfill your needs. There are multiple benefits associated with RPO such as;

  • Optimized Recruiting Costs
  • Improved Recruiting Capacity
  • A Scalable Recruit-to-Hire Process
  • Improved Candidate Quality
  • Effective Employment Brand

4. Measure Your Time-to-Hire

You need to analyse your time-to-hire metric between sourcing an appropriate tech talent and on-boarding the candidate. Through this process, you can track down flaws in your recruitment process and can also analyse your recruiting team’s performance.

We all know that time is equivalent to money, and if your TA team is taking more than the required time to fill a position it means you are shedding money per hire. Another disadvantage of a long process of hiring is that potential clients can lose interest!

5. Taking Video Interviews

Another great approach for optimizing your mass recruiting is utilizing video interviews. Because, let’s be honest, it’s a difficult task to have interviews on company’s premises when you need to hire multiple candidates in a short time frame. Besides, relating to tech roles hiring most of your potential candidates are from far away locations and they prefer to work remotely.

Such situations can easily be tackled by taking video interviews. You can ask candidates to submit a video recording of them answering the required questions. Afterward, you can easily filter them at your convenience.

6. Keep Your Talent Pool Updated

If your business requires high volume hiring from time-to-time, then another great strategy to optimize it is by keeping your talent pool filled. You should always have talented candidates’ information under check, it will greatly help you in the future.

They can be such candidates who didn’t meet your criteria of position back then but are a great fit now. You can also consider using AI software to track down and source potential clients in your talent pool for further openings.

7. Automation of Screening

According to ideal, around 52% of TA leaders are of the view that screening candidates from a large pool are the most difficult task. Hence, you’ll benefit enough by automating the screening process. To make our argument valid, we present the following statistics.

  • Approximately 75-88% of applications for an open role are unqualified
  • It can take up to 23 hours for a recruiter to manually screen and shortlist candidate per position

According to our analysis, recruiters spend around 42% of their productive time just screening and shortlisting candidates.

Such a waste of productive time is greatly inefficient. Hence, we recommend using AI for screening and shortlisting candidates.

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