High Volume Hiring Strategies and Onboarding Challenges

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Updated: December 19, 2022

Are you searching for the best talent to hire at scale? If yes, you must know that simultaneously attaining both velocity and net hiring scores is not easy when juggling multiple job roles. However, they can be streamlined without compromising quality with the proper volume hiring strategies, technologies, and techniques.

When companies are getting quite a large number of people on board in a shorter span, they refer to that as high-volume hiring. Usually, a high-volume onboarding is needed when a company starts a new office or department or shifts to a new location. It can range from a few hundred to even more. Unlike normal hiring, the volume hiring process comes with almost ten times extra effort and challenges to take the right quality and quantity of people on board. Herein the recruiter’s job is to identify a large number of talented candidates and place them in vacant positions briefly.

Unlike individual hiring, high-volume hiring is challenging and puts even the strongest HR team to the test. As per a report, 95% of recruiters believed that the most challenging part of high-volume hiring is dealing with a large pool of job applications and securitizing the most appropriate one. On average, one position attracts more than 250 applicants. Now, imagine how big the data would be to deal with!. In a nutshell, high-volume hiring would have ten times more people and stress than normal hiring.

What are the major challenges of high-volume hiring?

  • Having Time Constraint and Capacity Crunch
  • Difficulty in dealing with massive applicant Data
  • Responding to every call/query/concern in time
  • Ineffective or old or irrelevant Recruitment Methods
  • Achieving new hire’s positive onboarding experience
  • Mapping hiring team’s performance and productivity

How to handle high-volume onboarding challenges?

Recruiters must be like researchers who would not leave any stone unturned to get the correct quantity of good quality candidates no matter how they source them. Well, job portals, college outreach programs, professional networking sites, and industry-specific job boards are usually the right areas to expand your search. Meanwhile, having a nuanced understanding of the geographical area, your competitors recruiting methods, and perfect homework on what you are looking for is something great to chase for extra mileage.

Method #1 Adopt Techno-enabled Solutions

Companies are increasingly adopting AI-enabled recruitment tools, mainly made to source, screen, and match job applicants as per the requirement. These techno-enabled solutions automate job alerts, surface internal database candidates, evaluate job applicants and prepare their scorecards. With ease, recruiters get their space free from repetitive tasks without error and focus on finding the right talent.

Method #2 Practice SEO and Keyword Insertion

Programmatic job postings, Keyword embedding, or SEO techniques are not merely meant for the marketing personnel. Opting job ads optimization high-volume hiring strategy can distribute the job among the right group to better meet your goals. They simply need to select the correct parameters and specific keywords and let the technology handle the rest.

Method #3 Use the right metrics to track the talent

Calculating cost per hire, generating net hiring scores, and tracking the performance metrics give valuable and much-needed insights to the recruiters. Surprisingly, only one-third of US companies track per hire cost and time. However, calculating that can enable you to map your hiring velocity with your budget involved and determines the success ratio of your recruitment process.

How to enhance new hires’ onboarding experience?

The onboarding stage has much potential to bring enthusiasm and positive engagement for your new hires. Particularly, when it is high volume onboarding, hiring managers must follow some onboarding tips to welcome the new hires in an organized way. Here are some:

Make the new hire checklist is ready

Prepare a list of what the new hire would need on their first day. They shall utilize the time amid the offer acceptance and joining to walk through this list and make necessary revisions. Essentially, the list must contain all provisions for the necessary hardware and software access. Your comprehensive onboarding list will help you remove all guesswork or embarrassing oversight every time.

Assign a work buddy to your new hire

A new hire usually has many questions to be addressed. Those questions often remained unanswered due to over occupancy of both HR and managers. In the case of volume hiring, it is practically difficult for the latter to answer each question from each new hire. The best is to assign a peer mentor. Call him his work buddy; a peer mentor will help new hires get familiar with company culture, make them more comfortable, and guide him more efficiently than any other.

Start off on the right foot

It is important to welcome your new hires with friendly gestures, calmness, and positivity to reduce first-day anxieties and minimize stress. Another simple gesture is to take the new hires out for lunch. Such moves will get them to know their teammates’ areas and remove initial hesitations. Managers can also go one mile extra and let the new hires join later in the week to get a weekend to reflect on a great decision they have made.

Well, different organizations may see the challenges differently. Despite it, doing research in advance, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and tracking performance always help inconsistently to help you achieve your high volume hiring goals.

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