Talent Acquisition

When we talk about talent acquisition, we are referring to something more specific than simply hiring personnel. It is proactive rather than reactive and involves developing a long-term strategy to ensure there is a reliable and loaded pipeline of candidates. This translates into a competitive advantage for organizations that are able to create and execute a comprehensive talent acquisition program.

Before you begin to hire new employees, you should put in place a robust workforce planning process so your hiring can be as effective as possible.

A well implemented workforce planning process can give your businesses a competitive edge. In a Deloitte study one large services provider used strategic workforce planning to make their hiring more efficient and ended up reducing annual hiring costs by $13.5 billion. By putting thought into how your current workforce is performing and what needs to happen for it to be able to meet your business and revenue goals, you can focus your recruitment efforts in the right areas and be more agile and adaptable when it comes to unforeseen challenges.

Talent mapping is an essential part of building a sustainable talent pipeline that secures your business’  access to the skills and expertise it needs for years to come and is one of the major benefits of using a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner. In the short term it can reduce your time to hire and other negative effects of unfilled roles.

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