High Volume Hiring

Talent acquisition leaders are often overwhelmed by many of the challenges that high-volume hiring presents. In this section, you can explore the most effective strategies your organization can implement to achieve its hiring goals.

Hiring for large volumes of open positions can be a very demanding task for your talent acquisition department and use up a lot of your resources, leading to poor hiring decisions, high turnover, and increased recruitment costs. The most common problems in the recruitment and selection process for high-volume hiring include managing a lot of applicants, and the impossibility of predicting each stage of the recruitment process duration. 

For companies that are looking to quickly ramp up their workforce, the onboarding process is one major challenge. According to a LinkedIn study in 2022, 88% of companies don’t onboard efficiently, and companies with a well-designed onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire retention.

A research report by Deloitte says that 87% of employees say that their positive hiring experience has changed their perception of the company. Meanwhile, another research report by CEB says that 70% of HR professionals agree that candidate experience matters but merely 40% monitored it in one or another way. Discover how taking advantage of technology and communicating regularly can improve the candidate experience by creating a transparent process.

Optimizing high-volume hiring can help your talent acquisition leaders achieve their goals. See how simplifying your talent acquisition process, measuring your time-to-hire, taking video interviews, and using automation for candidate screening can be implemented in your organization’s high-volume hiring processes.

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