HR Analytics plays a fundamental role in an company’s ability to find, attract, and retain top quality talent, and human resources are the key drivers of success for any organization. In fact, 71 percent of CEOs view human capital as the top factor for sustainable economic value, according to a report by Harvard Business Review, with 43 percent saying that investing in people is a major priority.

How do you know that your talent acquisition strategy is providing the desired results?

The best way to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of recruiting efforts is to use metrics that are measurable, concrete and help organizations determine their position concerning goals attainment. Get to know how to achieve your company’s talent acquistion goals through the power of HR Analytics.

HR Analytics are also a great way to predict turnover, your company can use data to locate employees with the highest ‘likely to leave’ scores. Social media behaviour, entry and exit intervals at office buildings, and time spent in exploring unsolicited emails are just some of the things that can be tracked to get clues about employees wanting to leave your organization.

All these benefits you can get from HR Analytics depend on the correct implementation of every system in place. Integrating your company’s HRIS and ATS systems is key to avoid data duplication, improve the employee on-boarding process and record keeping, and accessing the best data possible in general.

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