Pressure on the healthcare sector has increased over the last few years, making talent acquisition within the industry more challenging than ever. Increased market growth due to the affordable care act, talent shortages, seasonal illness peaks, and high employee turnover rates are just a few of those challenges.

In our healthcare blogs section, you will get insights into several industry-specific topics that will help your talent acquisition leaders make informed decisions that will drive growth and create a competitive advantage for your organization.

Discover the trends that affect workforce planning in the healthcare industry and see how an effective strategy can help satisfy your business’ long and short-term recruitment needs, reducing time-to-fill while still getting access to top-quality candidates.

In the healthcare industry, the type of talent being pursued needs to meet very specific criteria and qualifications before even being considered, this makes it quite a challenging task. Learn how to overcome the talent shortages the industry is facing by using people analytics and market intelligence to better source, attract, engage and retain top talent for your organization.

Internal mobility is an underrated technique, and talent acquisition in the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) industry is still largely focused on external talent. Get to know the benefits of internal talent mobility and how to better implement it within your organization by formalizing the internal hiring process and partnering with learning and development programs in order to reduce attrition along with your organization’s hiring costs.

We update our blog sections weekly, so there is a lot more to come.

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